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Beyoncé, 22 Day Vegan Nutrition Program, Her New Meal Delivery Service. Hey folks, Beyonce  and her husband Jay Z embarked on a “spiritual and mental cleanse” before the 2013 winter holidays, eating only 100% plant-based foods for 21 days. The two were photographed at many vegan friendly restaurants and praised the 22 Days Nutrition program […]

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The groundbreaking mobile application STOP-ATTACK was a presenting partner at the GBK Oscar Celebrity Gift Lounge on February 20th and 21st. STOP-ATTACK CEO Anthony Bright presented his innovative assault-response app to a profusion of guests. The two-day event featured some of the biggest names in Hollywood and generated quite the buzz with media and celebrities. […]

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Ashdon, Inc. announced today the debut of its 2015 Disney Forever Enchanted Cinderella collection, its new line of prom and special occasion dresses inspired by the classic Disney tale and Walt Disney Studios live-action film “Cinderella” coming to theaters March 2015. Launching at retail February 25th, just in time for the 2015 prom season, our Cinderella […]

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News: The Coca-Cola Bottle is 100 Years Young.  A design so distinctive that it could be recognized by touch alone and so unique that it could be identified when shattered on the ground. This was the brief for the creation of the Coca-Cola bottle which is 100 years young this year. To mark this milestone, […]

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