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The Most Popular Workouts in California, According to New Study

Pilates and Dance

California, known for its health-conscious and active lifestyle, has a new fitness champion: Boxing. According to a recent study conducted by Total Shape, a leading online fitness resource, Californians are turning to high-intensity workouts to stay fit and healthy. The study analyzed average monthly Google searches for various workouts, revealing intriguing insights into the state’s exercise preferences.

Boxing – The Ultimate High-Intensity Workout

Boxing emerges as the most popular workout in California, capturing the attention of fitness enthusiasts across the state. This dynamic and intense sport offers a perfect blend of strength training and cardio exercises, targeting various muscle groups, from the lower body’s quads and hamstrings to the upper body’s biceps and triceps. Notably, an hour of boxing can help burn up to 800 calories, making it an ideal choice for those aiming to shed excess fat while improving overall fitness levels.

Pilates and Dance Follow Closely

The study’s findings reveal that Pilates and Dance take the second and third spots, respectively, in California’s workout preferences. Pilates, a full-body workout, is particularly popular for its focus on strengthening and toning muscles, with a particular emphasis on the core. While it may not directly aid weight loss, Pilates helps boost the body’s metabolism, assisting in fat-burning processes and promoting better posture, reducing muscle tension.

On the other hand, Dance offers a fun and diverse range of styles, such as Zumba and Jazzercise, captivating Californians with its physical and mental benefits. Alongside contributing to weight loss, dance enhances flexibility, muscle strength, and stamina. Moreover, engaging in dance activities has been shown to reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and positively impact mental well-being.

National Fitness Trends: Boxing Leads the Pack

The fascination with boxing is not limited to California alone; the sport has taken the top spot on a national level as well. Total Shape’s study reveals that boxing ranks as the most popular workout across the United States, attracting a total average monthly search volume of 402,077. Impressively, boxing emerged victorious in 42 states, solidifying its position as the nation’s workout of choice.

Pilates maintains its popularity nationwide, securing the second position with 329,897 Google searches, followed closely by dance, claiming the third spot with a total monthly search volume of 259,414. The high rankings of these workouts illustrate the diverse fitness goals and preferences of people from different states.

The Significance of Staying Active

Commenting on the study’s findings, a spokesperson from Total Shape emphasized the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle for both physical and mental health. The spokesperson also highlighted the significance of exploring various workout options to find a routine that aligns with individual fitness objectives.

California’s fitness enthusiasts, like many across the nation, have access to a wide array of workouts, each offering unique benefits. Whether aiming for weight loss, strength-building, or overall well-being, the variety of workout choices ensures everyone can find a routine that suits their needs and preferences.

About Total Shape

Total Shape is a trusted fitness resource site dedicated to providing information on workouts, supplements, and fitness tips to help individuals achieve their fitness goals. With a focus on guiding and empowering fitness enthusiasts, Total Shape continues to contribute to a healthier and more active world.

In conclusion, the study’s findings shed light on the workout preferences of Californians, highlighting their passion for high-intensity activities like boxing, complemented by the popularity of Pilates and Dance. As fitness trends evolve, it is evident that people are keen on embracing diverse exercise routines to lead healthier and happier lives. Whether it’s the energy of a boxing session, the focus of Pilates, or the joy of dance, Californians are enthusiastically embracing the power of fitness to transform their lives.


Pilates and Dance


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