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Art MOCA Unveils Captivating Fall 2023 Season of Wonmi’s WAREHOUSE Programs

Art MOCA Unveils Captivating Fall 2023 Season of Wonmi's WAREHOUSE Programs

The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) is set to present an exciting lineup of performances and residencies with Wonmi’s WAREHOUSE Programs, running from September 9 to November 4, 2023, at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. Curated by MOCA Associate Curator Alex Sloane, the fall season will focus on the enduring impact of past actions, personal histories, and socio-political movements, inviting audiences to explore the tangible and intangible vestiges of these experiences.

The WAREHOUSE at The Geffen Contemporary will host two distinct yet complementary projects for eight weeks of thought-provoking programming. KINK OUT: EPHEMERA, a month-long residency featuring the bi-coastal art and advocacy collective Kink Out, will run from September 9 to October 1. Moriah Evans’ powerful performance installation, Remains Persist, will then take the stage from October 28 to November 4.

Johanna Burton, The Maurice Marciano Director of MOCA, expressed her excitement for Wonmi’s WAREHOUSE Programs, describing them as unique live art experiences that transcend traditional boundaries, fostering artistic innovation at the museum. She emphasized the potential of performance to evoke joy, resistance, change, and transformation through unmediated, live exchanges.

Sloane highlighted the ephemeral and transformative nature of performance, where no two iterations are the same, yet all performances leave an indelible mark reflecting a specific time and place. This concept serves as the foundation for the Fall 2023 season of Wonmi’s WAREHOUSE Programs.

KINK OUT: EPHEMERA, co-organized with kd diamond and Daphne aka EthicalDrvgs in collaboration with The Carter/Johnson Library and Collection, will transform MOCA’s WAREHOUSE into an active archive celebrating diverse leather and kink communities. The collective, known for its art and advocacy events that unite people of intersectional identities within BDSM culture, will curate weekly programming featuring artists, activists, community groups, and more.

Remains Persist, Moriah Evans’ first major presentation in Los Angeles, explores the intersections of history and residues, both known and unmarked, retained in the body. The four-hour durational performance features a rotating cycle of roles and situations, drawing on somatic practices and feminist critiques of performance to expand dance beyond the visible. Evans’ work has been presented internationally, with this West Coast premiere promising to leave a lasting impact on Los Angeles audiences.

MOCA’s presentation of Remains Persist is part of the Live Arts Exchange [LAX] Festival Vol. 10, organized by Los Angeles Performance Practice, taking place from September 29 to November 4, 2023, at various venues across the city.

Wonmi’s WAREHOUSE Programs is made possible by the support of Wonmi & Kihong Kwon and Family.

Art enthusiasts and performance aficionados are eagerly anticipating the fall season of Wonmi’s WAREHOUSE Programs, a vibrant celebration of art, culture, and the enduring power of performance.


Art MOCA Unveils Captivating Fall 2023 Season of Wonmi's WAREHOUSE Programs

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