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RevUp Rally: A Must-Attend Event for Real Estate Professionals

RevUp Rally: A Must-Attend Event for Real Estate Professionals

The RevUp Real Estate Rally (R3-23) is set to be the highlight of the year for real estate professionals. Scheduled for October 13-14, 2023, this high-energy two-day event promises a dynamic platform where real estate experts can connect, innovate, and explore the latest trends in the industry.

Co-produced by Janice Jimenez and Angelo Varsobia, a prominent investor, CEO of the Varsobia Group of Companies, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist, this rally is poised to be a game-changer for all involved.

An Unmissable Gathering for Real Estate Professionals

A Platform for All: R3-23 brings together professionals and businesses from across the real estate spectrum, not just in California but also from neighboring states and across the United States. It’s an annual venue designed to create awareness, facilitate learning, and drive business results for sponsors and vendors.

Anticipated Attendance: With an estimated attendance of 3,000 participants over both days, this event is a significant opportunity for networking and growth.

Event Details:

Date: October 13-14, 2023
Location: Carson Event Center, 801 Carson St, Carson, CA 90745
Welcome to the Real Estate Rally in Los Angeles! Get ready to REV UP your real estate journey!


A Diverse Lineup of Speakers

R3-23 boasts an impressive lineup of speakers, including:

  • Sharon Lechter: Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, Financial Literacy Advocate, and Co-Author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad.”
  • Larry Steinhouse: Radio Talk Show Host, Author of “Money Hacks,” Entrepreneur, and CEO of
  • Dr. Hoa Nguyen: CEO/Co-Founder of Blacksteel Investment Group and an Optometric Glaucoma Specialist.
  • Dr. Jaime Gonzalez: President of Blacksteel Investment Group, Real Estate Syndicator, and Optometrist.
  • Bill Walsh: Founder & CEO of Powerteam International, Venture Capitalist, Best Selling Author, and Event Producer.
  • Paul Rubio: Co-Founder at California Economic Club, CEO of Rubio Aviation, and CEO of Trillion Air Aviation.

Janice Jimenez: Real Estate Broker with over 15 years of experience, Financial Services Provider, Retirement Designer, Insurance Services Provider, and Medicare Advantage Agent.

Michelle Seiler Tucker: Founder and CEO of Seiler Tucker Incorporated, who has sold over 500 businesses and is the author of the WSJ & USA TODAY Bestseller “Exit Rich.”


VIP Live Entertainment Event

While attendance is free, attendees can choose to upgrade for the VIP Live Entertainment Event on October 13th. The Salsa Night Networking event, led by the Fred Astaire Dance Studio, offers a unique opportunity to network with keynote speakers and industry professionals.

Looking Ahead to 2024

Mark your calendars for the 2024 RevUp Real Estate Rally, scheduled to take place at the Ahern Event Center in Las Vegas, NV, on April 26-27, 2024.

In conclusion, the RevUp Real Estate Rally is not just an event; it’s an experience. It’s a place where real estate professionals can thrive, learn, network, and embrace innovation. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be part of a dynamic community shaping the future of real estate.

For more information and registration, visit To learn more about Janice Jimenez, visit her online at or text “REGAL” to 26786.












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