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Hollywood’s Elite Gather for a Night of Elegance and Philanthropy at Children Uniting Nations’ Oscars Gala

Children Uniting Nations' 24th Annual Oscars Viewing Gala

The historic Warner Bros. Estate in Beverly Hills transformed into a beacon of glamour and generosity for the Children Uniting Nations 24th Annual Academy Awards Celebration & Viewing Dinner on March 10, 2024. Co-hosted by Mario Lopez and Daphna E. Ziman, the event was a dazzling confluence of celebrities, philanthropists, and influential figures, all united to celebrate Oscar night while championing vital causes.

Event Highlights:

  • The gala supported Children Uniting Nations and Justice For Women International, emphasizing the entertainment community’s role in advocating for social change.
  • Esteemed actress Marla Gibbs was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award, celebrating her profound impact on the entertainment landscape.
  • Macy Gray headlined an impressive roster of live performances, bringing a dynamic musical dimension to the evening.


Children Uniting Nations' 24th Annual Oscars Viewing Gala marla gibbs

An Inclusive Celebration of Cinema and Charity:

From the glamorous red carpet arrivals to the sumptuous viewing dinner and the lively entertainment that followed, the event was meticulously designed to include all attendees in the festivities. The inclusive atmosphere underscored the event’s commitment to not just celebrating cinematic achievements but also fostering a sense of community and shared purpose among guests.

The Power of Star-Studded Support:

The evening boasted an impressive lineup of talent, with notable personalities such as Niecy Nash, Christopher McDonald, and Judd Nelson lending their star power to the cause. The event’s entertainment segment featured performances by renowned artists, including Wu-Tang Clan YDB and Grammy winner Alya, creating a memorable experience for all in attendance.

A Fusion of Fashion and Entertainment:

The fashion show, featuring the creations of Israeli designer Yaniv Persy, seamlessly blended with the evening’s entertainment offerings. This combination of high fashion and live music exemplified the event’s dedication to celebrating the arts in their myriad forms.

Philanthropy at the Heart:

Amid the evening’s festivities, the gala’s philanthropic mission remained at the forefront. The support for Children Uniting Nations and Justice For Women International highlighted the influential role the entertainment industry plays in driving meaningful change and supporting crucial humanitarian efforts.

A Lasting Impression:

As the evening drew to a close, guests departed with not only memories of a night filled with elegance and entertainment but also a renewed awareness of the importance of giving back. The Children Uniting Nations 24th Annual Academy Awards Celebration & Viewing Dinner stood as a testament to the power of uniting entertainment with philanthropy, setting an inspiring example for future gatherings.

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