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Roku Original “Side Hustlers” Renewed for Season Two

Side Hustlers

After a successful debut season, Roku’s original docuseries “Side Hustlers” is returning for a second installment, set to air later this year. The show, which follows ambitious female entrepreneurs striving to turn their side hustles into lucrative ventures, garnered significant attention during its first season. With powerhouse entrepreneurs Emma Grede and Ashley Graham at the helm, the upcoming season promises to deliver more inspiring stories of determination and success.

Key Highlights:

  • Renewed Excitement: Following its debut, “Side Hustlers” quickly became the #1 on-demand title on The Roku Channel, indicating strong viewer interest and engagement.
  • Empowering Mentorship: Emma Grede and Ashley Graham, both accomplished in their respective fields, serve as mentors and investors on the show. Their guidance and support offer invaluable insights to the aspiring entrepreneurs featured in each episode.
  • Expanding Horizons: Season two will introduce a fresh cohort of female entrepreneurs and small business owners, each seeking transformative advice and potential investments from Grede and Graham. The show’s focus on diversity and innovation reflects its commitment to showcasing a wide range of entrepreneurial journeys.

Quotes from Key Figures:

  • Emma Grede and Ashley Graham express their excitement for the upcoming season, emphasizing their passion for creating opportunities for women in business.
  • Brian Tannenbaum, Head of Originals at Roku Media, highlights the collaborative effort behind the show’s success and underscores Roku’s commitment to delivering premium programming to its audience.
  • Sara Rea, Head of Unscripted Television at Hello Sunshine, emphasizes the show’s ability to capture the real-life challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurs, praising Grede and Graham’s mentorship.
  • Andrea Brimmer, Chief Marketing and Public Relations Officer at Ally, underscores the project’s mission of empowering female entrepreneurs and disrupting industries.

Production and Distribution Details:

  • Produced by Hello Sunshine and presented by Ally, “Side Hustlers” is helmed by a team of seasoned professionals, including executive producers Reese Witherspoon, Sue Kinkead, and Elizabeth Sandorff.
  • The show joins Roku’s expanding slate of original programming, which includes a diverse range of scripted and unscripted content catering to a broad audience.


  • Viewers can watch “Side Hustlers” on Roku devices or TVs, as well as online through and various mobile and streaming platforms, including iOS and Android devices, Amazon Fire TVs, Samsung TVs, Google TVs, and other Android TV OS devices.

As season two of “Side Hustlers” prepares to make its debut, audiences can anticipate more compelling narratives of ambition, resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit, reaffirming Roku’s commitment to delivering impactful storytelling to its viewers.



Side Hustlers

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