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YOUTUBE! Pop Musicians, A-list Athletes, TV personalities on Awesomeness TV

Awesomeness TV, a new video destination for teens on YouTube! launches today with a broad cross section of series built around Pop Musicians, A-list athletes, TV personalities and YouTube Stars.  From talk shows to sketch comedy, plus scripted and reality, Awesomeness TV will allow fans to experience their favorite celebrities in new ways, only on YouTube.

AwesomenessTV is organized into four programming categories to make it easy for viewers to easily find their favorites as well as discover great new shows and stars on the rise.   New series will be introduced frequently, with new episodes uploaded the same day every week so fans will know when to tune-in.

  • AwesomenesstvXOXO is for young women and will launch with IMO, the first ever daily talk show for teens. Offering tips on everything from fashion, dating, and make-up to the latest celebrity news and reviews, IMO features YouTube star Bethany Mota (AKA MacBarbie07), Gracy Dzienny (Supah Ninjas) and Twitter star Meaghan Downling as hosts plus guest hosts Daniella Monet, Ciara Bravo and Michala Blanks.

  •  AwesomenesstvACTION is for guys and will kick off with That Was Awesome, a sports clip show curated by basketball superstar Blake Griffin, and Blow Up Guys, featuring five brash (and hilarious) Utah teenagers who, with no regard for their own safety, embark on crazy adventures that involve pranks, stunts, and explosive experiments.
  •  AwesomenesstvMUSIC is the only place to go on YouTube for intimate and exclusive behind-the-scenes video of pop sensations. Mindless Takeover and Greyson Chance Takeover are first up, providing an insiders’ look into the lives of Mindless Behavior and pop sensation Grayson Chance, as they travel the world on tour.
  •  AwesomenesstvLOL is the place to go for comedy, with series like Randomness, featuring stars from YouTube as well as hit Nickelodeon and Disney television shows doing sketch comedy and Crazy I Say!, featuring the hilarious Zay Zay and his little brother Jo Jo covering pop culture and celebrity news.

Awesomeness TV, is for breakers, teens and tweens who are not only consuming pop culture but influencing future trends. It’s for an audience that wants to become part of the Awesomeness TV community and by actively engaging may find themselves featured on the channel.

“AwesomenessTV: the only channel for #breakers… where we break all the rules!”

Varsity Pictures, the production entity behind Awesomeness TV, is headed by Brian Robbins (Sonny With A Chance, Smallville, So Random, FRED) and Joe Davola (In Living Color, Smallville, MTV Networks). Robbins’ interest in the YouTube and web video space resulted from the massive success of FRED: THE MOVIE, based on the YouTube sensation Fred Figglhorn (900 million views). After building out the franchise on Nickelodeon (FRED 2: Night of the Living Fred, FRED: THE SHOW, and FRED 3: CAMP FRED), Robbins turned his attention to YouTube and the result is Awesomeness TV, one of the first channels ideated in the YouTube Original Programming initiative.

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