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World Breathing Day 2022 invites you to discover how to consciously breath April 11th

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World Breathing Day 2022 invites everyone to discover how conscious breathing can inspire personal, local, and global solutions. Having just been through the COVID-19 pandemic and swiftly adding the threat of continued war in the Ukraine, the world is filled with emotion inducing adversity.

These challenging times have brought much heartache and are calling for practical solutions in almost all aspects of life, from health and well-being (physical, mental, and emotional) to climate and ecosystem restoration to cross-cultural equity and collaboration, and the list goes on.

There exists a tool readily at our disposal, easily teachable, available for free, and universally powerful in its ability to create unity, transformation, inner peace, and so much more. Conscious breathing in all its forms is that tool.

Conscious breathing is a practical solution for anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and many more human challenges people are experiencing on Earth right now. It can empower people that wish to face these challenges and have them feel better, increase mental, emotional and fiscal health and resiliency. In these ways, World Breathing Day seeks to add to making the world a better place.

This year we are asking people all over the world to create their own events and social gatherings on this day to commemorate the celebration and to literally celebrate the power of our breathing, together on this annual holiday.

CLICK HERE to add your WBD Event to the global list of 2022 World Breathing Day Events!

For a quarter of a century, the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) has been representing and working with breathing experts and gathering expertise and knowledge on the arts, science, history, and practices of conscious breathing. IBF programs and activities improve the lives and well-being of people of all ages. World Breathing Day is a day that we come together as one breath to teach, learn, share, celebrate, inspire, and be inspired by the Breath.

World Breathing Day 2022: “Inspiring Solutions” is an opportunity to connect, online or in-person, to professionals from around the world who work with a wide variety of conscious breathing modalities. A global schedule of events will showcase the offerings of the day for anyone interested in discovering or deepening the inspirational, transformational, and healing power of their breath.

Join us for the annual World Breathing Day celebration and let’s inspire a positive future for our children and our entire planet.

Join us:

● On World Breathing Day 2022, the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) community worldwide will offer a schedule of FREE interactive, experiential global online events via Zoom. During these events, hosted by different breathing schools and teachers worldwide, you will be guided through highly effective exercises and methods of breathwork by qualified, prominent, and experienced breathwork practitioners using evidence-based breathing techniques to access and improve your ability to inspire solutions.

● Log onto our website at to see the list of Calendar of Global Events happening on World Breathing Day 2022.

● Take part in breathing together as we unite hearts and breaths with others from all over the world. Unifying in synchronous breathing and increasing the power of global unity by breathing together with our community!

● Connect with the world in the World Breathing Room at or at any moment. Bookmark this website and visit often to breathe with others in a beautiful online space that allows you to connect and breathe synchronously with people from around the globe.

● Go outside to a safe space in Nature, or open your window, and breathe. Celebrate the vital relationship between you and Nature’s respiratory system – the forests, the oceans, and the soils of Earth. Breathe for the Earth, breathe for all of life.

Some of the benefits of conscious breathing:

· Helps manage stress

· Improves problem-solving

· Increases immune system support

· Assists in trauma prevention and trauma release

· Improves self-regulation and management of hyper-activity

· Elevates focus

· Positively impacts physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being

· Creates harmony and unity among people practicing together

“When the world returns to breathing consciously as one global human family, the world can heal and unite in ways that cause many of the world’s problems to resolve from inside of a globally nurtured and mutually well-preserved peace,” adds Rabie Hayek, founder and visionary of Do As One and Omnibreath.

“In these times of chaos and confusion, when we don’t know where else to turn, the Breath is always there,” says Marie-Therese Maurice, Founder of One Minute for Earth. “When we engage with it consciously, it quickly and easily guides us to a place of grounding, peace, connection and healing, a place that inspires solutions.”

On April 11th, let’s rejoice that we are alive because we BREATHE! Let’s celebrate this simple tool we have all been given and together, let us Inspire Solutions!

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