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The Ultimate Emmy Award Gifts To Give, Enjoy and Support This Fall 2021

Emmy Awards 2021 gifts

Our editorial team deem it necessary to drop by a few lifestyle Emmy Gift Lounges kicking off this weekend. One of our favorites is hosted by Doris Bergman. For those of us who know Doris, she is well respected and valued in the entertainment communities from Hollywood to New York.

This year she continued the momentum with hosted the 11th Annual Luxury Lounge & Luncheon at the American-Mediterranean restaurant La Boheme. Nominated celebrity talent and media came out to show support and review what’s new and innovative in the world of great brand products you can use daily. In the spirit of giving back, Wednesday’s Child was the official charity. Learn more about their great works here at

Our selected favorite brands, we know you will adore are as follows:

True Gold Honey

Emmy Awards Gift Lounge

Among our favorite brands is True Gold Honey. The can share this honey is the ultimate gift to give, share and utilize as added plus in your teas, coffee and food.  Opening a jar of True Gold Honey is like opening a jar of liquid sunshine. Their honey comes from their family beekeeping business, Sample Family Apiaries. True Gold Honey is pure, raw, and unfiltered. We do not cook our honey or dilute our honey, so it retains all of its health benefits, including live antibodies, enzymes and minerals. Think of it as straight from our hives to your table.

True Gold is owned by mother-son duo Sarah and Tyler Sample, 3rd and 4th generation beekeepers. All our honey comes from our bee farm, Sample Family Apiaries. We constantly monitor our hives, ensuring they are healthy, strong and safe, so our bees can focus on the important work of pollinating and making honey. We harvest our honey by hand to keep it as raw and pure as possible, using sustainable practices to reduce waste and keep our impact on the earth to a minimum. All so you can enjoy honey that bursts with local flavor and has all its natural benefits intact. Buy their variety of honey here at

Custom Candle Co.

Emmy Awards Gift Lounge

From Bottle To Candle at Custom Candle Co, We up-cycle used liquor bottles and make them into scented customize candles. They can turn Your Recycle Bottle into a beautiful candle and Keepsafe. Custom Candle was born from a need to find that perfect candle. I needed an eco-friendly, non-toxic, and long-lasting candle that had an aroma that would last long after the candle was extinguished. Learn more here:


Precious Vodka

Emmy Awards Gift Lounge

We love the marketing behind precious vodka. This vodka exemplifies the essence of humankind and partners perfectly with friendship phone transcending generations creating precious moments that together building unbreakable bond.  What we like about this vodka it’s created with glacial spring water and six times distilled and triple charcoal filter. This is your ultra-premium vodka buy here –



Blackberry Hint Water

Emmy Awards 2021 Hint Water

Blackberry Hint Water is awesome our team’s favorite flavor. You must know about the founder Kara. Hint, inc. was founded in 2005 by entrepreneur Kara Goldin. It started as a healthy lifestyle brand best known for its flagship product, hint water- a delicious, unsweetened flavored water. Kara started the company with a simple idea: to make water that tastes great. To do away with all the sugar and diet sweeteners. And to give her family and friends something better that they would love. Read about Hint and their humble beginnings here at

Buy here at


MIXIT Fresh, Your Mix – Any Time, Any Where!


Made of PET recyclable plastic, this 3 ounce refillable container can be used outdoors while at the pool or on the beach, on a plane, or while tailgating. It snaps on the top of any standard size can. Simply fill the container with the non-granulated liquid of your choice, such as cherry soda, vitamin water, or any other beverage! You even control the drink ratio with the tilt of your arm. Buy on Amazon here at


MIXIT Fresh eammy Award gifts

MixitFresh is a 3 ounce container you fill with any liquid and then snap onto any standard size drink can. The liquids mix right when you drink, ensuring that every sip is the freshest mixed drink you’ve ever tasted. Create the perfect blend of two or more beverages with the exact ratios you prefer. It’s great for mixed drinks with alcohol such as Rum & Coke, Vodka & Lemonade, Vodka Cranberry, Mimosas, and more. It’s also great for non-alcoholic beverages like juices, sparkling water, energy drinks, and sports drinks. The possibilities are endless. The only limit is your imagination! MixitFresh is the ultimate accessory for tailgating, barbecues, and music festivals. Mixitfresh does not produce or distribute any beverages, alcoholic beverages, or consumables. All items pictured with Mixit are depicted for example and are not included with Mixitfresh. Mixitfresh is the perfect tailgate accessory!

We must give a “big FAB FOOD hug” to the La Boheme staff and restaurant. A very well executed pre Emmy Award 2021 gift lounge lifestyle event. The food was very delicious. you must book reservations and enjoy their beautiful outdoor themed patio. Should love American-Mediterranean fare – must have dinner place for a romantic fireplace and patio experience in Los Angeles. Review their website at

Emmy Award 2021 Gift Lounge luncheon

Here is a look at the yummy lunch the invited celebrity talent and media loved.


For Ice Cream lovers, check out SubZero Nitrogen Ice Cream. We were big fans of the coffee ice cream. Pretty cool tasting cold treat. They host small and large parties – link into their world here at 

subzero ice creat emmy awards gift lounge

Photo Credit:

Kaleef D. Thompson, connect with this amazing product and event photographer at


Yours Truly Lela Christine

Live, Love And Be Happy 🙂


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