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THE DIVINE DISTRACTIONS, Paintings by C. Finley at Superchief Gallery LA

THE DIVINE DISTRACTIONS, Paintings by C. Finley at Superchief Gallery LA. New York and Rome based artist C. Finley debuts The Divine Distractions, her first Los Angeles solo exhibition featuring large-scale paintings as talismans for beauty, joy and rapture. Superchief Gallery presents the opening reception on March 21, 2015 at 7pm, followed by a month-long residency where the artist will host live performances in the gallery. In addition to the show, C. Finley will take to the streets of downtown LA with her internationally acclaimed Wallpaper Dumpster Project to create an urban intervention by transforming environmental activism into unexpected beauty.

The Divine Distractions will feature vibrant, large-scale paintings of the artist’s signature elements: wild colors, sensuality, and geometry that emanate positive energy and celebrate divine interventions. These works are conceived as talismans that the artist has charged with rapture, divine light, unconditional love, and the celestial realm.

“C. Finley’s Pietà and Ecstasy of St. Theresa gave me a sense of relief about the future of contemporary art coupled with awe, replacing my too often feeling of contempt” – Says Artist Penny Arcade. She continues, “Finley’s personal vocabulary of color, her geometric landscapes, and her use of light reflect the enduring quality of art to transform the way we see and isn’t that ultimately what art is about?”

For the last six years, C. Finley has split her time living and working in New York and Rome. Her rendition of Michelangelo’s Pietà has been inspired by the artistic heart of Rome and one of the many divine distractions C. Finley has witnessed in her own life while living there. She chose to share this and has embedded her own recreation of the divine work in her newest collection. In this featured painting, C. Finley carves out a seven-foot colorful recreation of Michelangelo’s Pietà, by using her contemporary palette and geometric style to modernize this Roman icon of unconditional love.

Inspired by the project she curated in NYC in 2014 The Whitney Houston Biennial: I’m Every Woman, in which 85 female artists came together in a salon style exhibition, C. Finley will morph Superchief Gallery into an active site to host events and collaborate with other artists and the viewing audience. The space will remain indefinable: a laboratory, an altar, a salon, a happening, a stage, and a dance floor – a fluid space inviting conversation, community, and intervention.

The show will extend from the walls of Superchief Gallery, spilling out the front door into the downtown L.A. neighborhood where the artist will alter the most overlooked, and undesirable but necessary object – the trash dumpster. The Wallpaper Dumpster Project, Finley’s own brand of street art that has been executed on the streets of Rome, Vienna and New York, transforms environmental activism into unexpected beauty; and through this public art project provides monuments of joy, laughter and discovery for any passersby.



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