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The Adventures of Innovative Technology For The Home, Car and Everyday Life Shown At CES

CESb 2023

CES is among the biggest, innovative, technology, driven conventions hosted in United States. Las Vegas Convention Center was the epic center of people on the go who wanted to know, what’s new in 2023 in the world of technology.

There were over 100,000 event attendees that included the media, exhibitors, and people from all across the world who love attending conventions simply showing the best in tech savvy products and services. Event attendees were truly excited about smart home innovations, as well as automobile, and of course, the everyday lifestyle of consumers internationally.


Should you decide to be a part of the 2024 for CES convention prepare now. It will take a minimum of three days to review all the venues in Las Vegas that are connected to this convention.

Our favorite genre of brands and companies who exhibited were in the world of home living smart technology. Our team was truly exciting to see the plethora of companies and brands in alignment to bring back the convention post pandemic in a major way.  The key with any large convention or exhibit is to bring people together to support new innovative technology, that solves problems and elevates the consumer lifestyle. People in general want to have great technology, that elevates their daily life in work and at home.

There are so many amazing new brands that will be hitting the marketplace this spring and later this fall. Consumer should carefully review and add what you deem is necessary to bring more smart technology in your office and or our home. Some of the brand leaders in the world of home innovation, and automobile that were among our favorites: Sony, Panasonic, Nikon, LG, TCL, BMW, ADT, Ford, Blackberry and a plethora of lifestyle brands newly introduced this week from France, Canada, Korea, China, and India.

We always believe that technology on its highest levels is beneficial for society. It’s always good to know that there are amazing solution oriented tech creators in the world that work diligently to create in advance our world, so that we live complete and organize.

Cultivating our lifestyle experiences to make our world a better place is what we need. CES 2023 is home to the fastest, smartest and most innovative concepts in mobility. Touching land, air, and sea. Link into the world of CES –

Check out some of the photos below. Follow The Power Player Lifestyle and our Lifestyle Elevation Media news post on all our social pages. We aim to share news in tech that elevates your life one day at a time.





Infuse spa kholer CES 2023




Report By Lela Christine

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Photo Credit: LEMF Staff

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