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Tesloop launches sustainable travel service to Greater Palm Springs

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Tesloop launches sustainable travel service to Greater Palm Springs. Now travelers from Los Angeles and Orange County planning a trip to Greater Palm Springs can leave the driving to someone else.  Earlier this week, the new Tesloop ridesharing service began offering visitors a relaxing ride in a Tesla Model X with drop-off locations in each of the nine cities in Greater Palm Springs.

Depart in the morning and arrive relaxed and just in time to jump in the pool and enjoy lunch at one of the award-winning restaurants that Greater Palm Springs has to offer. The Tesloop service includes free Wi-Fi, phone charging, healthy snacks and beverages, curated musical selections, noise cancelling headphones, and a wide range of pillows for a comfortable car nap.

According to Tesloop, the new experience is designed to make travel to Greater Palm Springs convenient, economical and sustainable.  Founder Haydn Sonnad, says, “Our goal is to create the best mass transit system in the world, while providing travelers an alternative to burning fossil fuels and creating air pollution. The rapid advances in autonomous electric car technology are enabling us to transform regional travel, and make getting to Palm Springs easier than it has ever been.”

By September, Tesloop plans to offer four round trips daily to Greater Palm Springs. One-way tickets range from $39 to $69, depending on availability. Travel on Tesloop can be booked or by calling 818-330-6446.


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset



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