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Talenti Best Years Sweet Treat

Talenti Best Years Sweet Treat. Good try these five new flavors made from scratch and use the finest natural and raw ingredients, such as hormone-free milk, chocolate from Belgium, extra fine pure cane sugar and fruit that is truly farm-fresh. Check out these flavors below.

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Gelato is made with Talenti’s Belgian Milk Chocolate gelato blended with a rich swirl of creamy, organic peanut butter and studded with all-natural mini chocolate peanut butter cups for a take on a classic flavor everyone loves.
  • Banana Chocolate Swirl Gelato includes deliciously rich banana gelato made with real bananas and blended with a golden Argentine caramel swirl and bits of rich bittersweet chocolate. This bold flavor is reminiscent of the best banana split.
  • Chocolate Chip – Stracciatella Gelato takes a queue from one of the most traditional Italian gelato flavors by adding delicate, crunchy pieces of dark chocolate to a sweet, creamy gelato with a hint of vanilla.
  • Simply Strawberry Gelato is Talenti’s version of a true American classic. Made with sweet, plump strawberries, this creamy, luscious gelato has a pure, clean flavor and a smooth finish.
  • Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Gelato combines the tart, floral flavor of farm-fresh black raspberries with crunchy flecks of dark chocolate to create an original and beautiful plum-purple gelato.

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