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Ray Charles Honored with Terrace Renaming at Grammy Museum in Musical Tribute

Ray Charles Honored with Terrace Renaming at Grammy Museum

In a night brimming with musical homage and historical reverence, the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles unveiled the newly named Ray Charles Terrace, celebrating the indelible mark left by the music legend on the industry and beyond. This landmark event not only paid tribute to Charles’s iconic legacy but also spotlighted the museum’s ongoing commitment to musical education and accessibility.

The evening, hosted by music industry titan Jimmy Jam, saw an assembly of music aficionados and industry stalwarts gathered in honor of Ray Charles, whose influence on music transcends genres and generations. The highlight, the renaming of the museum’s rooftop to Ray Charles Terrace, symbolizes a permanent tribute to the artist’s enduring legacy within the very fabric of the museum dedicated to musical excellence.

Special musical performances by Aloe Blacc and Jac Ross added a soulful resonance to the night, weaving a tapestry of sound that echoed Charles’s own eclectic style. Their performances served not only as entertainment but as a poignant reminder of Charles’s unique ability to blend genres and touch hearts.

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Ray Charles Honored with Terrace Renaming at Grammy Museum


Adding depth to the tribute, the Ray Charles Foundation announced a generous donation of $2 million to the Grammy Museum. This philanthropic gesture, aimed at enhancing music education and access for underserved youth, was highlighted by Valerie Ervin, president of the Ray Charles Foundation. She underscored the foundation’s commitment to leveraging music as a transformative tool for empowerment and education, aligning perfectly with the museum’s educational objectives.

The donation is earmarked to bolster the museum’s efforts in providing educational resources and opportunities to those who might otherwise face barriers to exploring their musical talents. This aligns with the Grammy Museum’s mission to make music accessible to all, ensuring that Charles’s legacy extends beyond his music to inspire future generations of artists and enthusiasts.

As attendees left the event, the newly christened Ray Charles Terrace stood as a beacon of his musical legacy and philanthropic spirit. The evening was not just a celebration of Charles’s contributions to music but a reaffirmation of the power of music to bridge gaps, educate, and inspire.

The Grammy Museum, through events like these and the support of foundations like that of Ray Charles, continues to play a pivotal role in fostering a deeper appreciation for music and its role in cultural and personal development. The museum’s efforts in education and accessibility ensure that the legacy of icons like Ray Charles continues to influence and inspire far into the future.

About the Grammy Museum: Located in the heart of Los Angeles, the Grammy Museum is a vibrant space dedicated to the celebration and understanding of music’s cultural and historical significance. Through interactive exhibits, educational initiatives, and special events, the museum offers an immersive experience into the world of music, from its roots to its future.

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Music Report By Mark Winkler

Photo Credit Mark Winkler and PPLM News Staff



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