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Organic & Natural Health’s 10th Anniversary Conference: A Decade of Impact and Future Pathways

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Celebrating a decade of progress, the Organic & Natural Health Association’s 10th Anniversary Conference in Cape Coral, Florida, brings together industry leaders for transformative discussions on health, policy, and technology.

Marking a significant milestone, the Organic & Natural Health Association (O&N Health) is set to host its 10th Anniversary Conference from January 23-25 at The Westin Cape Coral Resort at Marina Village, Florida. Sponsored by notable industry giants like Mercola, AIDP, Chr. Hansen, Simply Connect, and Women In Nutraceuticals (WIN), the conference, themed “Cultivating Change: A Decade of Defining Moments for People and the Planet,” promises to be a landmark event in the health and wellness sector.

A Decade of Defining Moments

Karen Howard, CEO and executive director of O&N Health, highlights the significance of this anniversary. “In commemorating a decade of defining moments, we reflect on our achievements like our vitamin D consumer awareness initiatives and our relentless advocacy for transparency and consumer choice. Our efforts have continually gained momentum, proving our indispensability in the industry,” said Howard.

Impactful Advocacy and Education

O&N Health’s contributions over the years have been substantial. The organization has successfully executed five award-winning campaigns and fostered systemic change by supporting influential bodies like WIN, Naturally Proud Network, and the Williams-Franklin Foundation. Their fundraising for the Williams-Franklin Foundation has notably surpassed the initial five-year target of $50,000, raising over $70,000 and underscoring O&N Health’s commitment to making a positive industry impact.

Conference Agenda Highlights

The conference opens with Christine Burych discussing leadership strategies for mental health in the workplace. This sets the stage for a series of informative sessions:

Policy and Advocacy: The first day includes a panel on domestic policy with insights from experts like Todd Harrison, Alan Lewis, and Charlie Brown. Discussions will explore health advocacy and alliances, featuring voices like Corinne Bush and Rob Verkerk PhD.

Research Updates: John Fagan of HRI Labs will update attendees on his synbio research for O&N Health, providing a glimpse into the future of health science.

Women in Leadership: The second day shines a light on women’s leadership in the nutraceutical industry. Heather Granato and Heather Isley will lead discussions on enhancing access to quality health solutions.

Global Supply Chain: A panel on international supply chain stress and standards will follow, addressing current challenges and future directions.

Innovation in Sales and Supply Chain: The session titled “Cultivate or Crumble” will delve into leveraging technology and partnerships to nurture a safer and more profitable supply chain.

Technology and E-commerce: The conference will wrap up with a panel on AI and Amazon, featuring David Trosin, Asa Waldstein, and Ryan Sensenbrenner, moderated by Dan Lifton.

Looking Forward

This conference is not just a celebration of past achievements but also a forward-looking forum, setting the stage for future innovations and collaborations in the health and wellness industry.


The 10th Anniversary Conference of the Organic & Natural Health Association is a testament to a decade of transformative work in the health sector. It also marks the beginning of a new chapter where the focus will be on leveraging technology, enhancing policy advocacy, and strengthening global partnerships. As industry leaders convene in Cape Coral, the event promises to be a catalyst for new ideas and pathways for the future of health and wellness.

For more information and detailed conference schedule, please visit Organic & Natural Health Association’s official website.



Organic events health

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