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New York Leads, California Trails: America’s Most Productive States Revealed

New York Tops the List as America's Most Productive State

In a recent study conducted by business experts at Upflip, the productivity landscape of the United States has been revealed, showcasing which states are driving the economy forward at the highest pace. According to the analysis of the newest labor productivity data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, New York emerges as the most productive state in the nation.

  • New York Leads the Pack: With 14,296,359,000 hours worked in 2022 and a staggering value-added output of $1,725,176,181,000, New York takes the top spot. This translates to a remarkable value-added per hour worked of $120.67, setting a high standard for productivity nationwide.
  • Washington and Delaware Follow Suit: Washington and Delaware secure the second and third positions respectively. Washington boasts 5,502,872,000 hours worked and a value-added output of $589,474,184,000, resulting in a value-added per hour worked of $107.12. Delaware, with 691,655,000 hours worked and a value-added output of $71,992,738,000, achieves $104.09 added per hour worked.
  • California Holds Strong at Fourth: Despite being the state with the highest hours worked in the top ten (28,667,560,000) and the highest value-added output ($2,946,631,780,000), California secures fourth place. The state’s value-added per hour worked stands at $102.79, showcasing its significant contribution to the national economy.
  • Connecticut and Beyond: Connecticut rounds out the top five with $101.40 added per hour worked. Meanwhile, states like Massachusetts, Alaska, New Jersey, Illinois, and North Dakota also make notable contributions to the nation’s productivity landscape.



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A spokesperson from Upflip commented on the findings, stating, “While it can be fairly easy to work out which states are adding the most value to the economy, measuring this against the hours worked is where it gets interesting, with many potential surprises featuring in this top ten from all corners of the country.” The spokesperson highlighted that the United States’ average value-added per hour worked sits at $79.48, indicating that numerous states are surpassing this benchmark, irrespective of their size and population.

These findings shed light on the diverse economic landscapes across different states in the U.S., showcasing the varied contributions each makes to the national economy. From bustling metropolitan hubs to quieter corners of the country, productivity remains a driving force in shaping America’s economic trajectory.


As the nation navigates through economic uncertainties and challenges, understanding the productivity dynamics of different states becomes crucial for policymakers, businesses, and individuals alike. The insights provided by Upflip’s study underscore the significance of maximizing productivity to foster sustainable economic growth and prosperity across the United States.

Source: Annual labor productivity by state and region, released May 25, 2023; Bureau of Labor Statistics, Office of Productivity and Technology

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