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New Device Stops Teens Texting and Driving

New Device Stops Teens Texting and Driving. DriveAlertNow, the Android and IPhone device that’s putting an end to distracted driving among teens ( has announced a partnership with City World Automotive Group.

“We know that nearly half of all teens text and email while driving and 11 of those children die every day,” said CEO Todd Davis. “Our goal is to stop distracted driving in its tracks with the DriveAlertNow device. By installing the DriveAlertNow device, the driver cannot answer the phone, text, or email while they are in a car,” he explained. “We all know there is a problem and the fact that the automobile and insurance industry are taking notice serves as confirmation of that. This is an absolute game changer to a problem we know has been increasingly growing. No longer.”

“I am ecstatic to be a part of the DriveAlertNow product,” comments Managing Partner of CityWorld Automotive Group, Bruce Bendell. City World AutomotiveGroup is the premier dealer in the New York area to offer this life saving technology in an effort to stop the epidemic of texting and driving. Our participation is a testament to the value we place not only on our customers, but on our children.”

The DriveAlertNow device holds all texts while the car is moving sending a custom auto-reply to incoming texts. Phone usage, browsing the internet, and whether the seat belt is engaged arms the administrator with tangible evidence of responsible driving.By installing this password-protected app on their children’s phones, they’ll make their children better drivers and more cognizant of the devastating consequences it presents.

We all have known there is a problem. Now we have the tools to address distracted driving.

To learn more about how DriveAlertNow can stop teens texting while driving visit,

For more information about DriveAlert, visit:




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