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New Data Reveals Top States Producing Elite NFL Talent: Texas Leads, Vermont Trails

NFL Talent

Unveiling the powerhouse states in NFL talent production according to a comprehensive study by PikaKasinotSuomi. Texas, California, and Pennsylvania emerge as top producers, while Vermont ranks lowest in developing NFL players.

In a groundbreaking analysis by PikaKasinotSuomi, the landscape of American football talent has been quantitatively mapped, revealing which states are veritable factories for NFL stars. The study, encompassing the career trajectories of over 25,000 professional NFL players, has generated an index scoring states based on their contribution to the league.

Texas: The Gold Standard in NFL Talent

Dominating the rankings with an impressive score of 87.55/100, Texas stands as the undisputed champion in nurturing NFL talent. The Lone Star State, known for its fervent football culture, has produced legends like LaDainian Tomlinson, whose 162 career touchdowns are a testament to Texas’ football pedigree. With 2,644 former and current NFL players, 36 Hall of Famers, and a staggering 8,841 combined touchdowns, Texas’ football legacy is unrivaled.

California and Pennsylvania: Hotbeds of Football Excellence

California secures the second spot, scoring 72.36/100. The state’s rich pool of talent includes icons like Marcus Allen, highlighting California’s integral role in shaping football history. Despite ranking 16th in average salary, California boasts 2,618 professional players and 8,010 combined touchdowns, reflecting its substantial impact on the sport.

Pennsylvania, scoring 64.31/100, stands proudly in third place. The state’s football narrative is enriched by figures like Marvin Harrison and George Blanda, showcasing its depth in nurturing football talent. With 34 Hall of Famers, Pennsylvania’s contribution to the NFL is monumental.

Florida and Ohio: Consistent Contributors to the NFL

Florida, ranking fourth with a score of 57.86/100, has given the NFL talents like Emmett Smith, whose 175 career touchdowns are a highlight of the state’s football prowess. Ohio follows in fifth place, scoring 51.68/100, with Cris Carter’s 131 touchdowns epitomizing the state’s contribution to the sport.


 NFL Talent

The Rest of the Top Ten

Louisiana, Georgia, Oklahoma, Virginia, and Illinois complete the top ten, each contributing uniquely to the NFL landscape. From Marshall Faulk’s dominance in Louisiana to Jim Brown’s legacy in Georgia, these states have been instrumental in sculpting the league’s history.

Vermont: The Underdog in NFL Production

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Vermont ranks last, with a score of zero. The state’s minimal impact on the NFL is evident in its lack of Hall of Famers, low total games played (444), and a mere 16 combined touchdowns.

A Spokesperson’s Insight

A spokesperson from PikaKasinotSuomi commented, “This study is more than numbers; it’s a narrative about how different states shape their athletes. It highlights the diverse ecosystems from which the NFL draws its talent, sparking discussions about the influence of local football cultures.”

Methodology: A Blend of Data and Analysis

The study’s methodology involved a comprehensive analysis of career earnings, Hall of Fame entries, touchdowns, and games played of NFL players. An index was formulated by normalizing this data, with each state receiving a score reflecting its NFL legacy.


This exhaustive study by PikaKasinotSuomi provides a fascinating glimpse into the geographical roots of NFL talent, underscoring the diverse and rich football heritage across the United States. It’s a testament to the myriad paths to NFL stardom, each state contributing its unique flavor to the league’s dynamic tapestry.

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