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Natural Products Expo West Hosted in California Featured The Best Innovative Plant Based Brands

This years Natural Products Expo West 2022 had over 50,000 people in attendance over 4 days at this year’s Anaheim convention center in California. Our news team took a day to explore what products were the most innovative that we can give a “green thumbs up” so you can support the brands we have place the spotlight on within this feature. 

Summarized are a plethora of brands that your family will enjoy as we place the health and wellness spotlight on several brands that brought joy to us as we dropped into the world of each vendors display booth. Do know, each company we visited, had a friendly, helpful, brand product staff that was amazing. 

Elmhurst Plant Based Milks
Their brand we liked was the Oat Nog, very tasty, rich and smooth blended with cashews 32 fluid ounce.Deliciously simple plant milks, creamers and more – crafted with more nuts & grains in every sip. Perfect for smoothies, coffee and recipes! Link into their world  here at

In 2016, Henry Schwartz closed New York City’s last dairy, Elmhurst. This wasn’t easy; Elmhurst had been in his family over 90 years, since his father and uncle hand-bottled and delivered milk to Queens and Brooklyn in a truck full of ice blocks. The cows had long since gone, but a famous tradition had ended…

…Until 2017 when Elmhurst reappeared as, of all things, an innovative plant milk company. How could a committed dairyman like Henry make this shocking change?

Henry was concerned, but also intrigued by a steady decline in dairy consumption and the changing American diet. More and more people were eating healthier, adopting plant-based alternatives, and becoming mindful of environmental impact. Read their story —



Wholeberry provides USDA organic Goji berries, organic Goji juice, 100% natural & delicious passion fruit sourcing from Vietnam. We loved the Passion Fruit snacks, very good. Customer service tea was fabulous! Read about them here at

wholeberry passion fruit

Gaia Herbs Sleep Gummies

Plant-Powered Sleep Support Gummies. Adaptogenic Support to Enjoy a Restful Night’s Sleep made with With Ashwagandha, Passionflower, Reishi and Jujube Date. A Delicious Citrus Taste. Sweetened Only with Real Fruit.

Adaptogenic support to enjoy a restful night’s sleep. Adaptogens read your body’s needs in trying times and smooth out its stress response cycle. Benefits build over time. They’re naturally tasty thanks to apple, tart cherry, and sweet orange oil, with no refined sugar and nothing artificial. Read more here at

sleep gummies


The Ayurveda Experience – Ayuttva Toasted Wheat Crackers
Crispy Crunchy Ayuttva Fenugreek Thins Toasted Wheat Crackers with Fenugreek Leaves. When it comes to guilt-free snacking, look no further because Ayuttva™ Ayurvedic Thins are only 100 calories per serve!  Read more here at

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods -Hemp Yeah! Dark Chocolate Granola
Made with quality, organic ingredients, Hemp Yeah! Dark Chocolate Granola is ready to eat right out of the bag. It’s a simple and delicious addition to yogurt, non-dairy milk, or all on its own! Read more here –

Zhou Nutrition
The ladies in the customer service booth team members were amazing, helpful, and their product collection is powerful. Our team’s favorite is the apple cider vinegar gummy bears absolutely yummy and it’s good for you – Green thumbs up great product..All their nutritional gummies are great for your body. Yes!! Shop here at

Apple cider vinegar gummies power player mag


Eden Foods Dried Cherries are good.We have been following Eden Foods for many years their package dried cherries are the perfect pocket snack.  Perfect for kids lunches and on the go snacks. Path Still Purified water with electrolytes. The product packaging simple elegant stylish in the water taste good. Açaí Roots beverages are tasty. This company’s organic Acai pomegranate blueberry premium juice packaging is adorable product taste amazing. Friendly grains crunchy rollers organic puff brown rice snacks are simply amazing packaging is cute the team and the vendor booth section very friendly and giving. Himalaya Turmeric Soft Chews This company’s natural tropical flavor turmeric soft chews are gluten-free vegan friendly no artificial colors and it’s excellent for supporting your joints you get 30 soft chews in a bag. They have a lot of products To select from when give a thumbs up to the turmeric soft chews.

We like to share with the consumers it’s a worthy investment to go to the natural products expo west in Anaheim in California. Plan in advance, make sure you get checked in early….. so you can take time to browse around  – Remember at this expo you must take your time and check out all the brands as you will need a few days to explore. 

Natural Exp West Power player lifestyle magazine
All Photo’s credit: Power Player Lifestyle Magazine photo team

Learn more about the natural products expo west here –

Health | Wellness report by Lela Christine

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