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Malie Organics Launches New Island Ambiance Room Spray!

Malie Organics (pronounced mah-lee-ay), is proud to announce the newest addition to their luxurious line of natural and organic products for the home, body and spa: Island Ambiance Linen & Room Spray! (MSRP: $37)

Committed to reducing their carbon footprint, Malie Organics has repackaged and redesigned their best-selling fragrance mists in an effort to become as environmentally-conscious as possible. With the use of recyclable plastic bottles and the removal of metal pumps & outer packaging, Malie’s Island Ambiance Linen & Room Spray has a beautiful, new eco-friendly presentation that also increases the product’s function.

Also keeping in line with Malie’s desire to reduce their carbon footprint, the new packaging gives consumers 20% more product in every bottle for the same price—which means less consumption, packaging and transportation.

Just a quick push of the pump brings the essence of paradise to your room and linens, and with six scents to choose from, there is an aroma to fit every room of every home. All of Malie’s signature hand-crafted aromas contain the gentle, soothing essences of wild-crafted and organic ingredients through pure Hawaiian Hydrosols, the therapeutic floral waters that infuse each product. These delicate floral waters capture every element of the plant and all its benefits at the molecular level, resulting in products that contain only the aromatherapeutic qualities of some of Hawaii’s most prized flowers and plants, like the delicate Pikake Jasmine and treasured Hawaiian Vanilla.

Available in the following aromas:

Coconut Vanilla: This blend of coconut and vanilla is a heavenly, full-bodied scent that fills the atmosphere with a relaxing aroma.

Koke’e: This scent was named in honor of Hawaii’s oldest rainforest and captures the crisp, green, refreshing scent of the native maile vine (pronounded my-lee).


Mango Nectar: Experience the sweet scent of summer year round. Known for being high in antioxidants, mangos give this perfume a sweet, tropical scent.

Orchid: A tribute to Orchid lovers around the world who covet the delicate, feminine aroma of these rare and exotic flowers. Leaves behind a warm, subtle scent that drifts you away to paradise.

Pikake:  Contains the sophisticated scent of the Pikake flower, a Hawaiian jasmine that Princess Kau’iulani called “the flower of love”.  Pikake’s aroma of paradise is soft and sensual with a sophisticated blend of tropical florals and a hint of spice.

Plumeria: Contains the scent of beautiful, sweetly fragrant plumeria, the traditional flower of the Hawaiian lei, treasured for its exotic, uplifting aroma.  Let the soft scent of plumeria transform your mind and body with all its complexities and hints of jasmine, citrus, gardenia and spices.

Malie Organics is available at and select boutiques nationwide.


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