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Lucy Liu Joins Hollywood in Celebrating James Hong’s 95th Birthday with Handprint Honor at TCL Chinese Theatre

In a momentous celebration at the TCL Chinese Theatre, Hollywood marked the 95th birthday of James Hong, an icon in the entertainment industry known for his vast contributions over seven decades. The event was highlighted by a handprint ceremony, an honor that pays tribute to the lasting impact of luminaries in Hollywood. James Hong, whose career spans more than 600 acting credits, shared his nostalgic journey from his initial visit to the theatre in 1953 to the day he was honored, humorously noting his attempt to match the footprints of legends like John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart, only to finally have a space of his own.

Lucy Liu, alongside Oscar-winning filmmakers Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, stood by Hong, celebrating his remarkable journey and contributions. Liu and Hong’s collaboration extends beyond this event, as they have both lent their voices to the beloved “Kung Fu Panda” series. The ceremony was not just a recognition of Hong’s individual achievements but also a moment that underscored his role as a pioneer for Asian actors in Hollywood, a testament to his perseverance and dedication to broadening representation in the industry.

This ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theatre not only celebrated Hong’s personal milestones but also acknowledged the broader significance of his work in challenging and transforming Hollywood’s landscape. His handprints serve as a concrete reminder of the progress made and the ongoing efforts required to ensure diverse representation in film and television. James Hong’s legacy, now permanently cemented at the TCL Chinese Theatre, continues to inspire future generations to dream big and break barriers, much like he did throughout his illustrious career​​​​.






Report written by Moshe Lewis


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