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John Legend Brings Magic to Los Angeles‘ Disney Concert Hall

John Legend
John Legend photographed for Footwear News in his home in Los Angeles

John Legend’s most familiar song is ‘Ordinary People’. However, anyone that had the fortunate experience to attend last night’s performance, at Los Angeles’ Disney Concert Hall, would agree Legend is no ordinary artist.

Legend is a musical force of nature.

John Legend started the evening with his up tempo hit ‘Tonight’. And it was clear, from the first song, something special was about to happen.

And that something special was Legend’s amazing voice accompanied only by his grand piano. There was no band, no back up singers or dancers. However, you would have not known that by the way Legend’s smooth, melodic voice reverberated throughout every inch of that majestic concert hall. His commanding and beautiful voice married perfectly with every musical note he masterfully played. It was quickly clear that Legend’s finely tuned voice was all the band and dancers needed to make magic happen for packed room of enthralled audience members.

Legend’s two hour performance unfolded more like a brilliant, one man play than a musical concert. Through out the engaging performance, Legend proved he was a masterful craftsman. He skillfully guided the diverse audience through his life”s journey utilizing narrative to highlight key events and people that highly influenced his life.

Legend punctuated his narrative with performances of many of his hit songs including “All of Me’. He also gifted the audience with one his his new songs, an alluring single titled ‘ You Make Me Wonder”. Legend also covered a few classic songs from some of his musical influences such as Stevie Wonder, Simon and Garfunkel and Bruce Springsteen.

By the conclusion of the evening, Legend left no doubt in anyone’s one mind that he is a musical genius. He gave everyone a wonderful Valentine’s gift, the magic of love wrapped in inspirational words and beautifully intoxicating music.

John Legend

John Legend photographed for Footwear News in his home in Los Angeles





















By Mark Winkler
Entertainment Reporter for The Power Player lifestyle Magazine


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