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A High-Tech Solution to Help Switch Off Stress

A High-Tech Solution to Help Switch Off Stress – the company whose product motto is “From now on, stress is a choice,” has launched an upgraded version of its cutting-edge stress-relief technology: NuCalm 2.0.

Jim Poole, President and CEO of Solace Lifesciences, Inc., of Wilmington, DE, maker of NuCalm® (, says it takes a few minutes to administer the synergistic four-step system, and relaxation begins almost immediately. “With our busy daily schedules, having an effective way to rejuvenate and refresh your body can be one of the most important tools in your arsenal,” he says.

The Result of Extensive Research and Real-World Testing

After eight years of research and development and six years of real-world testing, NuCalm received the world’s first and only patent for systems and methods for balancing and maintaining the health of the human autonomic nervous system. NuCalm has been used successfully by thousands of cancer and dental patients, professional athletes and Olympians, airline pilots and business executives. In fact, over 650,000 dental patients have given NuCalm a 95% approval rating. Among the 29 professional sports teams using NuCalm are the Chicago Blackhawks, Kansas City Chiefs, and Miami Dolphins.

“Although NuCalm has proven itself on so many levels, our research team is always looking to improve our product offering and outcomes,” Poole says. NuCalm 2.0 offers upgraded neuroacoustic software accessed through a new NuCalm app. The NuCalm app comes preloaded on a Samsung Galaxy tablet and is paired with JBL noise-cancelling headphones. NuCalm 2.0 gives users access to the new platform that will also deliver all future proprietary neuroacoustic software as it’s released. “Having NuCalm 2.0 is the only way to access future neuroacoustic tracks,” Poole says.

NuCalm 2.0: Even Deeper Recovery & Restoration

NuCalm inventor, Dr. Blake Holloway and his team have developed even more advanced and effective neuoracoustic software and collaborated with record producer/music innovator Dan Selene to enhance the overall experience and results. Dr. Holloway says, “The objectives behind inventing new software were to design physiologic outcomes focused on reboot, restore, and rebalance… like fine tuning a musical instrument. New discoveries over the past decade allowed us to develop patent-pending, sophisticated, neuroacoustic files that are faster acting, provide a deeper recovery and restoration experience, and predictably balance the mind and body. Since sound is such an important element for the NuCalm experience, we knew this brilliant new software needed to be delivered on an equally brilliant listening platform.”

Clinicians, athletes, trainers and patients have found that NuCalm helps to improve performance, manage stress, improve sleep quality, accelerate muscle recovery, reduce inflammation, improve memory and mental focus, prepare for competition, manage jet lag, and aid in cancer treatment recovery.

Internationally-acclaimed motivational speaker, reality show star, and self-help author Tony Robbins proclaimed this past year that, to help keep up his daily travel and speaking schedule, he added a new secret weapon to his daily diet and exercise regimen: a daily NuCalm break. Robbins says, “I use NuCalm to sustain massive amounts of energy with no stimulants and little sleep.”

“It appears the NuCalm message is catching hold,” says Jim Poole. During 2016, NuCalm hosted ‘Recovery Lounges’ at the National Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, the World Football Forum in Paris, the Toronto International Film Festival, and the Bulletproof® Biohacking Conference in Pasadena. Poole spoke on ‘High Performance Recovery for Athletes’ at the prestigious Sports & Entertainment Summit in Los Angeles sponsored by Variety and Sports Illustrated, and NuCalm was recently named official sponsor of the Xtreme Fighting Nation (XFN) four-part ‘Tournament of Titans’ taking place in Fort Lauderdale, FL, through February 2017 – visit / Call 1-877-6NuCalm.


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