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H3RIZON: The Rising Stars of Australia’s Music Scene

Discover H3RIZON, the buzzing Australian girl group, as they release their new double single “Naughty” + “Wanna Love You,” marking a new era in their musical journey.

The Australian music scene is buzzing with excitement as H3RIZON, the dynamic girl group from down under, launches into 2024 with an explosive start. Today, they unveil their latest musical offering – a double single release featuring “Naughty” and “Wanna Love You,” produced by the GRAMMY® Award-winning powerhouse, Tricky Stewart. Directed by Timon Wehrli, the accompanying music videos for these singles are set to captivate audiences worldwide.

The New Singles: “Naughty” and “Wanna Love You” represent the versatile artistry of H3RIZON. The former, “Naughty,” is an uptempo track that showcases the group’s dance skills and physical chemistry, perfect for club enthusiasts. On the other hand, “Wanna Love You” takes a soulful turn, highlighting their R&B roots and vocal prowess. These tracks not only showcase H3RIZON’s range but also mark a significant evolution in their musical journey.

Rising to Fame: Following the success of their late 2023 fan track “You Don’t Know Nothin’,” which served as a global introduction to H3RIZON’s new era, the group continues to build momentum. Their signing with Epic Records, in partnership with RZ3 Recordings, has positioned them as the first Australian and first Asian-Pacific girl group to join the prestigious label. This partnership has set the stage for their upcoming debut project, eagerly anticipated in 2024.

About H3RIZON: Comprising Bernie, Gabby, and Tiara, H3RIZON is more than just a musical group; they are a symbol of inspiration and empowerment. Hailing from the west side of Sydney, their shared heritage and passion for singing brought them together. The trio’s bond is evident in their music, where their harmonies and individual talents blend seamlessly, creating an electrifying and unique sound. H3RIZON is set to redefine the landscape of girl groups with their catchy tunes, vibrant performances, and a no-nonsense attitude.

Inspiring a Generation: H3RIZON’s journey is not just about their musical success but also about inspiring others, especially young women of color. As Bernie articulates, the group aims to motivate others from similar backgrounds to pursue their dreams, demonstrating that with determination and talent, anything is possible.

Tricky Stewart’s Praise: Renowned producer Tricky Stewart has expressed his admiration for H3RIZON’s talent and potential. His involvement in their latest project underscores the high expectations and standards that the group has set for themselves, further elevating their status in the music industry.

A Year of Promise: With “Naughty” and “Wanna Love You,” H3RIZON is not just releasing singles; they are making a statement. They stand ready to command the global music stage with their upcoming debut project. Their unique blend of pop, R&B, and dance, coupled with their undeniable charisma, positions them as a formidable force in the music industry.

2024 is set to be a monumental year for H3RIZON. As they embark on this exciting new chapter, fans and music enthusiasts alike can expect a fresh wave of captivating melodies and performances that will resonate across the globe. Stay tuned for more from H3RIZON, as they continue to redefine the essence of a modern girl group.

H3RIZON: The Rising Stars of Australia's Music Scene(Photo credit: Timon Wehrli)


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