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GRAMMY & Multiple LATIN GRAMMY Winner Alex Cuba Is Spotlighted By NPR Today

Alex Cuba, the critically acclaimed GRAMMY and Multiple LATIN GRAMMY winner, is once again capturing the hearts of music aficionados worldwide with his soul-stirring performances. Today, NPR has shone a spotlight on this musical virtuoso, as he graced their “Tiny Desk Concert” series with an enchanting rendition of his songs.

Cuba’s performance at the Tiny Desk starts with a minimalist setup, highlighting the raw essence of his music. His percussive guitar rhythms, the gentle scrape of a güiro, and a small choir set the stage for an emotionally charged performance. The opening number, “Ciudad Hembra (La Habana),” is a poignant ode to his hometown, slowly building up to create an intimate connection with the audience.



One of Alex Cuba’s superpowers lies in his ability to infuse his music with vivid imagery that transports listeners not only to his native Cuba but also to any place where an acoustic guitar and captivating vocals reign supreme. A shining example of this is “De Camino,” a deeply personal love song that radiates celebration. With the support of a bass, drums, and congas, the song exudes the essence of the Caribbean, with Alex’s guitar and gentle percussion transporting the audience to the heart of the islands.



Alex Cuba

“Chekere,” named after the Afro-Cuban instrument made from a dried-out gourd covered in beads, showcases Alex Cuba’s versatile musicality. The song begins softly but soon erupts into a percussion-driven frenzy, showcasing the depth of his talent. From there, he seamlessly transitions into a tender love song dedicated to his wife, “Sarah,” reminding us of his ability to blend diverse musical elements seamlessly.

This NPR Tiny Desk Concert serves as a testament to Alex Cuba’s ability to connect with listeners on a profound level. His emotive performances and genre-blending prowess continue to push the boundaries of Latin music, captivating audiences worldwide.

Moreover, Alex Cuba recently made a captivating appearance in PBS’ national broadcast of the 2023 Hispanic Heritage Awards’ Centennial Tribute to Tito Puente. His participation in this tribute further solidifies his position as a musical icon and a bridge between cultures, using his talent to honor the legends who came before him.

As fans eagerly await more from Alex Cuba, it’s evident that his passion for music and his captivating performances will keep audiences enthralled for years to come.


Report by Alex Motagee

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