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FOX Sports Films will premiere its newest documentary, THE LONG GAME

FOX Sports Films will premiere its newest documentary, THE LONG GAME, on Wednesday, November 11th, 2020, on FOX Sports 1 channel. The inspirational story follows Woodrow Grady, coach and mentor to the players of his Nationally Ranked 7v7 team and his son, Joshua Grady, the youngest National Football League (NFL) Agent as they discover the bonds of football and family.
view the official trailer, please click here.
THE LONG GAME introduces viewers to the father/son duo Woodrow and Joshua Grady, who have built a talent pipeline in Tampa, Florida to the NFL. While Woodrow mentors the elite high-school football players of Team Tampa, his Nationally ranked 7 vs 7 team, NFL Agent Joshua continues to grow the Grady Sports Agency. However, a new hurdle has emerged: the COVID crisis, which upends the traditional scouting, recruiting and drafting process of tomorrow’s next NFL stars and their own family journey. As father and son turn their passion for football into a business, the Grady legacy takes shape.
THE LONG GAME is Executive Produced by Emmy Winner, Michael Hughes (LANCE, RODMAN: FOR BETTER OR WORSE) and Greg Lake FOR DLP MEDIA ( and Josh Danziger and Ryan Rettig for SystemX MEDIA ( For FOX SPORTS, Director Pete Karl and Producer Connor Gordon.

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