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Editor’s Beauty Pick: Shangri La Organics Skin & Body Care Products

Helen Spence is the founder and owner of Shangri la Organics.  Shangri La Organics is a British company with its origins in Ireland. It offers a luxury range of Certified Organic and Cruelty Free skin and body care products containing nothing less than the best natural ingredients to rejuvenate your skin and soothe your mind.

Helens ancestors lived in Ireland for many centuries but her grandparents moved to England in the 30’s. Throughout her childhood she listened intently to stories about her great grandmother Hanora O Connell who would comb the fields and hills around her farm collecting herbs to treat ailments for her family and neighbours.  Whilst growing up her grandma and mother treated most family ailments with old natural remedies that had been passed down from mother to daughter and naturally Helen was in awe at a very young age of the power of plants.

Initially Helen began making creams for friends and family but as she began receiving so many requests for the products she started seriously thinking about building a brand.  Of course she had to think of a name but there could only ever be one and that was ‘Shangri la’.  Shangri La had held a special place in Helens heart over the years and first came to her attention one Sunday afternoon as she sat down with her sister to watch a film called Lost Horizon. From the opening to the closing credits Helen and her sister were spellbound with the hidden land of Shangri-La.’’ I loved the concept that a place so beautiful may exist. If ever I was unhappy I would imagine myself there so my vision of Shangri la just seemed fitting and was everything I wanted my brand to represent; nature at its best, where man and mother earth live in harmony, nurturing one another’’.

It is this same desire that drives the brand.  As Shangri La Organics strive to bring the very best of nature’s nurturing essence to your home, they also adhere to the strictest standards to ensure that nature is protected and nurtured in return.  Their products are 100% natural and Certified Organic by The British Soil Association and they are also Cruelty Free and proudly carry the Leaping Bunny logo.

‘’ I have always made my products using organic and cruelty free ingredients so it was just a case of gaining my certification which was a lengthy process but essential.” Being certified organic and BUAV approved gives the customer the assurance of our commitment and lets them know that the products are what they say they are.  This commitment extends to the jars used, the labels and the ink which is also chemical free and made from recycled/recyclable materials.

Shangri La Organics Unique Selling Point is that not only can you be kind to yourself and the environment; you can do it in style…

These high standards mean that Shangri la Organics is gaining recognition very quickly in the Organic and Cruelty Free beauty sector and the chic packaging and style certainly make Shangri La Organics stand out from the crowd ….. A must for the discerning ladies boudoir!  When asked about the unique style of her packaging Helen explained that ‘’Not only did I want  Shangri La Organics to be recognised as quality, natural and pure I also wanted it to look fabulous  and chic and a pleasure to have on your dressing table’’. The frosted pink glass packaging has a baroque decal and cries out luxury and is reminiscent of vintage Parisian Luxe with an Art Deco twist. 





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