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Concern Foundation Paramount Studios Signature Fundraising Event Success

Concern Foundation

The Power Player Lifestyle news team, renowned for covering exclusive events and sharing uplifting stories, made a significant impact at the Concern Foundation Paramount Studios event held on Saturday, July 8, 2023. This highly anticipated gathering attracted a diverse crowd and garnered immense support from numerous local Los Angeles businesses, which generously provided an abundance of food, beverages, water, and delectable desserts.

The paramount purpose of the event was to raise awareness and funds for Concern Foundation, an esteemed nonprofit organization dedicated to providing critical funding for post-doctoral cancer researchers. With a strong focus on cancer genetics, cell biology, and immunology, Concern Foundation aims to advance the field of cancer prevention and treatment across all forms of the disease.

Established in 1968, Concern Foundation operates as an independent and volunteer-driven entity, relentlessly working to secure funds that support cancer research on a global scale. Through their unwavering commitment, Concern Foundation has contributed to the success of over 1,000 gifted cancer researchers at prominent institutions locally, nationally, and worldwide.

One of the hallmarks of Concern Foundation is its exceptional financial stewardship. With an impressive allocation of $.90-.95 of every dollar received going directly towards research initiatives, the organization has raised an astounding $70 million to date. These funds have made significant contributions to the ongoing battle against cancer, steadily propelling us closer to a future where this devastating disease is conquered.


Concern Foundation Paramount Studios


Undoubtedly, Concern Foundation’s dedication to supporting cancer research has instilled hope in countless individuals diagnosed with the disease. Their unwavering efforts and contributions have been instrumental in fostering groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in the field.

In light of the paramount importance of Concern Foundation’s work, it is imperative that the public rallies behind this remarkable charity and its noble cause. By offering their support, individuals can help ensure that the organization continues to make a lasting impact, bringing hope to those affected by cancer.

To learn more about Concern Foundation and explore avenues for contribution, interested individuals are encouraged to visit the organization’s official website at Together, we can unite in the fight against cancer and strive to create a brighter, healthier future for all.


Lifestyle Foundation Social Impact Report
by DerekShawn and Lela Christine

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