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254 Million Mobile Gaming Users Expected By 2024

Mobile Games in USA

254 Million Mobile Gaming Users Expected By 2024. According to a new infographic by, the mobile gaming industry could entertain around 1,7 billion users worldwide by 2024 producing a revenue of US$56,7 billion. In 2017, there were only 1,37 billion mobile gamers spending around $44,2 billion.

The infographic also demonstrates that gaming stocks suffer far less from the coronavirus than other industries. While the Dow Jones has dropped by 21% and the German DAX by 37%, the gaming companies Nintendo and Ubisoft lost 13% and 15% in stock value.

Despite the current crisis, the data predicts the mobile gaming industry further growth. Gaming developers demonstrate a tendency to rely more and more on Mobile. However, 60% of developers still see a high potential in PC gaming.


Mobile Games in USA

“There are many indicators that the gaming industry will continue to grow”, said Kryptoszene analyst Raphael Lulay. “The demand for mobile applications continues to rise – across all age groups and generations. The fact that more and more females become interested in mobile gaming can also play into the hands of game developers”.

An expected increase in the number of mobile gamers – 17.2% by 2024

1,735 billion users worldwide by 2024

37% of gamers are female

gaming stocks are significantly less affected by coronavirus than DAX and Dow Jones

The full story with the infographic, facts and more statistics:




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