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Valentines Day Favorite Aromatherapy Candles From ECOYA, Just Say Yes!

We love ECOYA the candle aromatherapy experience is amazing. Our favorite candle amongst the many we will share with you are Josephine Baker Candle. Ecoya JOSEPHINE BAKER Candle, This gorgeous Art Deco inspired candle comes in a cut glass container.  Hand poured soy wax infused with sophisticated fragrances. This rich, warm and spicy fragrance combines the subtle influences of Muget, Carnaton and Rosewood upon a rich base of Patchouli, Musk and Tonka. 345g, 12.2oz. Up to 70 hours burn time.

Another favorite is the Ecoya – Metro Jar Candle French Pear. This gorgeous Metro Jar Candle is the rich and decadent way to bring a little light and a little gorgeous fragrance into any room of your home. Made from hand-poured natural wax, the candle has a lead-free cotton wick and is set in a stunning glass jar, complete with tight sealing lid. With its delicate scent and beautiful quality, it’s sure to be a very welcome addition to your décor.

Metro Jar Candle features:

  • Handmade in Australia by master candlemakers.
  • Made from hand-poured soy wax – a natural alternative to paraffin (petroleum) candles.
  • Wick made from pure lead-free cotton.
  • Candle is set in a clear glass jar with a rubber-sealed glass lid.

Fragrance: French Pear.
Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 12cm.
Weight: 270g – Up to 55 hours burn time.

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ECOYA decadence candle boxes




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