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Trained Physician & Author Reveals How Anyone Can Lose Weight & Stay Energized

Trained Physician & Author Reveals How Anyone Can Lose Weight & Stay Energized. In today’s high-stress and super-sized society, optimizing your life by eating well-balanced meals, exercising effectively, and getting a restful night’s sleep can be a daunting challenge. Living an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to increased levels of stress, depression and even sickness.  With conflicting information bombarding people every day online and in the media, how can one possibly avoid common dieting pitfalls, select the right workouts for their body type, and live a healthier, more fulfilling life?

The answers may be found in the new book, Reprogram Your Life: Bioscience for a Healthier You, which is part of the You Plus healthy lifestyle coaching platform that also includes an interactive phone app, and website.  The You Plus platform was developed by a network of scientists, physicians and software engineers, led by Dr. Steven Willey, a weight loss expert and author of the book on which the program is based.

The book, app, and website combine up-to-date findings from clinical studies with practical medical experience about what actually works for patients.  The platform offers lifestyle instructions that people can realistically follow for the long-term. You Plus is concierge nutrition, fitness, and sleep coaching for everyone. The book explains the rationale of the You Plus lifestyle system, which is structured but flexible enough to accommodate individual differences.

This innovative and easy-to-use platform also: 

·   Helps anyone make the best food choices whether at home, a restaurant, or a family barbeque – all without counting a single calorie or keeping records

·   Offers simple, time-saving workouts for women and men with the optimal variety, order, and progression to promote weight loss while maintaining tone and lean muscle mass

·   Explains how both normal sleepers and problem sleepers can sleep more soundly

·   Provides guidelines for controlling daily stress and achieving happiness

·   Walks readers and app users through each day with motivation, education, and instructions based on their daily activities

“You Plus is a comprehensive lifestyle improvement and support platform promoting the prevention of illness and encouraging the development of healthy behaviors,” says Willey. “This healthy lifestyle system was developed by doctors for doctors, to help their patients and people everywhere.  People especially love the app, because it is their anywhere, anytime nutrition, fitness, and sleep coach.”





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