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Natural Invention Cures Nausea in Pro Athletes

Natural Invention Cures Nausea in Pro Athletes. Many Professional Athletes experience nausea during exercise. In fact, Ken Griffey Jr, Mike Alstott, and Titus O’Neil are just a few of the professional athletes who were looking for ways to control their nausea.  The No Mo Nausea Band ( is the first ever aromatherapy of natural peppermint oil infused acupressure wristband to stop nausea and vomiting instantly.

Anesthesia Expert Jacqueline Darna developed the natural way of fighting off nausea for people worldwide. The stylish bands are waterproof, latex-free, drug-free and easy to use.  Darna’s idea combines 30 years of medical research.  “No Mo Nausea” is an acupressure therapy band that’s placed on the wrist, about three finger spaces up from the first wrist crease.  Doctors and nurses already use the “No Mo Nausea” philosophy in emergency room settings worldwide.

Whether it’s an athlete working out for his professional team or a weight lifter trying to get the perfect form, nausea can creep up at any time.  Now, no matter what the situation is, there is a way to prevent or control this unwanted feeling.  The No Mo Nausea Band ( can help to stop nausea and vomiting the natural way.


Jacqueline Darna is an anesthetist & mompreneur with two beautiful children.  As an anesthetist, she states that the most common problem is post-operative nausea and vomiting regardless of what pharmacological drugs are given.  She looked all over the internet in every country trying to find a stylish wristband to produce for her invention.  After tireless searching she decided to write a patent and produce the product herself.  Less than 6 months from origination of concept, the No Mo Nausea Band was available for purchase Worldwide.

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