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Corporate Wellness Quarantine News

Corporate Wellness

With so many people working from home right now, it can be difficult to find a healthy work/life balance and avoid burnout. Taking time to work on yourself is key, and in many cases you can leverage your company’s wellness program right from your living room.

connect you with Erika Zauner, wellness expert and CEO of HealthKick. She is a corporate wellness program that includes 500+ consumer health, fitness and wellness brands

Erika shares insight into:

Why maintaining wellness is critical, especially during quarantine

How you can learn about and get involved in your company’s program if you aren’t already

How to find mental and physical wellness programs that give you what you need

The benefits you can get from wellness programs such as fitness, meal delivery, mental health, financial health, and more

The importance of wellness to productivity and happiness at work And more

HealthKick is a corporate wellness membership that provides personalized access to over 500 leading consumer health, fitness and wellness brands.

HK@Home is a curated a selection of over 50 of our favorite digital health, fitness and wellness brands, from food delivery with Thrive Market and Hungryroot to the Calm mindfulness app and fitness classes with NEOU and JETSWEAT plus weekly livestream wellbeing events that we launched to support employees’ physical and mental wellbeing during COVID-19.


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Corporate Wellness

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