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Would Ethereum surpass Bitcoin’s value?


Bitcoin has reached above $50,000 and Ethereum $2,000. For BTC there continues to be both corporate and institutional investors dominating the buying of Bitcoin. This is causing Bitcoin scarcity and establishing it as a store-of-value.

The Ethereum company and community had a very successful year in 2020. Ethereum 2.0 was launched, the DeFI market took off, the Ethereum Network Effect continues to grow and there is ETH scarcity. Nowadays the distribution among big holders is almost the same as that of Bitcoin:

Bitcoin’s Top 10k Holders: 10.54M BTC (57.44%)



Ethereum’s Top 10k Holders: 57.2M ETH (56.70%)

From their present positions, BTC is expected to rise at least 2.5X – 4.8X ($60K to $150K or $288K) and as a result ETH could see a 8X – 13.5X ($2K to $16K or $27K). Notice I have given a range because NO ONE can know for sure how the market will behave. let’s take a look at a possible ROI of a $5,000 investment.

$5000 x 3.65X (average of 2.5x-4.8X) = $18,250 .. not bad

$5000 x 10.75X (average of 8x-13.5X) = $53,750 .. but even better !!!

I have videos on price predictions for both of theses assets which explains in more detail how this is possible…Here is the link for the ETH ….

here is the one for BTC ….

If you are new to crypto please join our CryptoNovus community on Youtube where “Newbies become Masters” …. we would love to have you!!

Christopher Brown
Executive Director of FaithFinance, Youtube Channel:
View here at

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