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The Bob Marley Love Experience Comes to America

Bob Marley Love Experience Comes to America

50 years ago, Bob Marley released his iconic song, ‘l shot the Sheriff’. Through-out the next several years, Bob Marley and the Wailers shared their musical brilliance via many other hit songs including ‘Is this love’, ‘No Woman no cry’ and the melodic tune ‘Three little birds’.

Bob Marley’s popularity quickly spread through-out parts of Europe, America and of course Jamaica. Eventually the world would come to know and love Reggae music because of the musical genius of Bob Marley and The Wailers.

Bob Marley was more than a musician, he was a movement.
Yesterday, January 26, 2023, that movement came to Hollywood California in the form of the  ‘Bob Marley One Love Experience’ – a multi sensory exhibit honoring Bob Marley’s life and transformative musical career. This was the inaugural showing of this exhibit in the United States. The exhibit previously ran in London and Toronto receiving extreme accolades.
Bob Marley Love Experience Comes to America
Those accolades were well deserved. The gripping exhibit, included a silent disco (featuring many of Marley’s hit songs), an immersive forest with words from Marley’s songs strategically placed through-out to remind the attendees of Marley’s enduring brilliance. The exhibit also showcased several of Marley’s memorabilia from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
Following the exhibit the attendees were treated to a musical feast. Skip Marley (the grandson of Bob Marley) and Skip’s opening act King Gruff, served up a delightful selection of songs that provided opportunity for everyone to dance, sing and just enjoy the now.
Bob Marley Love Experience Comes to America
For those that knew the music of Marley, or those that did not, this exhibit was an opportunity to learn more and experience an intimate look at a man that gave a reminder to the world that “Every little thing is gonna be alright”.
Bob Marley Love Experience Comes to America
Written by Mark Winkler
Entertainment Reporter PPLM
Photo Credit: Lela Christine

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