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The Architectural Visionary Bathroom Wellness Space Vision

The Architectural Visionary Bathroom Wellness Space Vision. Agape takes a starring role in the interpretation of the bathroom environment as an architecture of the senses and a place of well-being. Washbasins, faucets, furniture, bathtubs, lights and accessories designed to interact with each other in an open, natural dialogue.

The new collections by Patricia Urquiola, Benedini Associati and García Cumini deepen their exploration into the languages of balance, purity of form and solidity of materials. A balance, never rigid, that tends toward gentle and welcoming forms. A circle inscribed in a square. García Cumini’s new collection of mirrors designed for Agape reinterprets classical style through a contemporary understanding of proportion and beauty. An added element of technological innovation comes from the back lighting. Light surrounds the reflective surface, recalling theater mirrors, creating a clean line that illuminates without casting shadows. Vitruvio is available in three sizes – 60, 80 and 120 cm. They can be freely mix-and-matched and are perfect for any type of space. A modular concept, suited to many varied and “reflective” compositions.

Sustainable materials and new finishes. Attention to every detail and a focus on sustainable materials complete the excellence of the timeless Agape projects: new additions in 2021 are Alpi eco-compatible pre-composed wood for Evo 21 and Pietranova, a sustainable concrete conglomerate, resulting from the new collaboration with Grassi Pietre, for the Spoon XL bathtub by Benedini Associati and the Bjhon 2 washbasins by Angelo Mangiarotti. The finishes also include the introduction of brushed-nickel, featuring a pleasantly warm vibe, which enriches the Memory and Memory Mix faucets with additional aesthetic solutions.



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