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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Unveils “Academy100”: A $500 Million Global Campaign for Cinema’s Next Century

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

In a significant move toward globalizing its influence and securing its future, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences today announced the launch of Academy100. This ambitious $500 million initiative aims to diversify revenue and expand outreach worldwide, coinciding with the upcoming centennial celebration of the Oscars® in 2028. The announcement came during a landmark press conference held at Cinecittà in Rome, Italy.

Key Highlights of Academy100:

  • Global Expansion and Impact: Academy100 seeks to deepen the Academy’s global footprint, ensuring it remains at the forefront of the international film community.
  • Rolex’s Expanded Support: Long-time partner Rolex is increasing its support, reinforcing its commitment to fostering cinematic excellence across generations.
  • Multifaceted Programs: The initiative will support a variety of programs, including film preservation, educational initiatives for diverse filmmakers, and expansive digital content production.

Global Support and Visionary Leadership “The future of the Academy is global,” stated Bill Kramer, CEO of the Academy. “With Academy100, we are poised to enhance our worldwide influence and ensure our leadership for another century.” Kramer highlighted the campaign’s significance in fostering a sustainable and diversified support base. Major contributions have already topped $100 million, with Rolex playing a pivotal role.

Arnaud Boetsch, Director of Communication & Image at Rolex, emphasized the shared commitment, “Rolex stands with the Academy in promoting excellence and building a global community that transcends cultural and generational boundaries.”

Strategic Partnerships and Cultural Exchange Nicola Maccanico, CEO of Cinecittà, expressed pride in co-hosting the Academy100 event, noting the shared values and commitment to advancing global cinema.

Expansive Global Outreach Academy100 will also feature:

  • Special Events and Convenings: Hosting events and educational programs worldwide, including in cities like Buenos Aires, Johannesburg, and Seoul.
  • Supporting Future Filmmakers: Initiatives aimed at nurturing new talent and expanding Academy membership globally.

Anticipated Impact by 2028 Starting in 2027, the Academy Museum will launch special exhibitions and film programs linked to the Oscars® history, celebrating the rich heritage and envisioning the future of cinema.

Broader Support Ecosystem

Academy100 is backed by an impressive roster of supporters:

  • Leading Contributors: Rolex, Cinecittà, and Delta Air Lines, among others, are key players in this extensive campaign.
  • Philanthropic Outreach: The Academy Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity, administers philanthropic support, powering outreach and educational initiatives through the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures and other entities.

About The Academy

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is the preeminent global institution dedicated to the celebration and preservation of cinema. With the largest film-related collection globally and a series of prestigious awards including the Oscars®, the Academy continues to be a beacon of excellence in the film industry.

In Conclusion Academy100 not only marks a significant milestone in the Academy’s history but also sets a visionary path forward, ensuring the global cinema community remains vibrant and interconnected through shared narratives and cultural exchange. For more information, visit

Follow the Academy for Updates:

This strategic campaign reflects the Academy’s dedication to fostering a future where cinema continues to inspire and connect people across the globe, transcending all boundaries.



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