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Summer Fashion News: Harveys Original Seatbelt Bags Guaranteed Tough and Built in the USA

Makers of the original Seatbeltbag® born and made in the U.S., HARVEYS started in the garage of Dana and Melanie Harvey in 1997, while Dana was installing seatbelts into their 1950s Buick.  Dana decided to use the excess seatbelts to create an eclectic yet timeless red accessory that would match the red belts in the car for his wife, Melanie.  Since then, Seatbeltbags’ popularity has grown rapidly, picking up department store and independent boutique accounts across the country and securing licensing partners, such as Mercedes-Benz, Disney Couture, Elvis, Barbie and more. 

Popular demand of the Seatbeltbags was huge and, since then, HARVEYS has outgrown their one-car garage and moved into a factory with more than 65 employees.  Within the first year, Seatbeltbags were a hit on the shelves of Nordstrom department stores and independent boutiques across the country.  HARVEYS also built two exclusive retail branded locations in California to hold their wide selection of bags and accessories.  Very quickly, HARVEYS became purveyors of a unique array of conversation-starting fixtures “built to last” in any circumstance.  What started off as a scarlet red tote, from the women’s collection, is now accompanied by a Men’s Black Label collection, featuring a wide variety of accessories, such as wallets, iPad covers, dopp kits and sunglass covers.  Along with special edition prints in their Artist Series collaborations with NYC Fashion Illustrator Sujean Rim, Tattoo Artist Sid and nationally recognized cartoonist, Gary Baseman.

“If you’d told Melanie and I on our wedding day that HARVEYS would become what it is today, we never would have believed you.  It’s hard to believe that we’ve come this far,” said Dana Harvey.  “The HARVEYS collection is a mix-tape of everything we love.  We are so grateful for the support from our customers, employees and business partners for the success of our company.” HARVEYS Seatbeltbags retail from $98 to $298 with accessories priced between $24 to $98.  The bags are now sold in more than 500 retail outlets nationwide, including the company’s own two branded locations in California and in more than 25 countries worldwide.  Readers interested in learning more about HARVEYS Seatbeltbags should visit

About HARVEYS Original Seatbeltbags

Each hand-crafted HARVEYS Seatbeltbag is not only ‘guaranteed tough’ to last a lifetime with automotive grade seat belts, but the pieces are a staple to those who exude self-confidence in the pursuit of style. The women’s collection is accompanied by a Men’s Black Label line, featuring a wide variety of accessories, including wallets, iPad covers, dopp kits and sunglass covers.  Guaranteed tough and built in the USA. 



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