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Sticker Mule Launches Stimulus: the Happy Social Network

Sticker Mule Launches Stimulus, the Happy Social Network

Sticker Mule today announced that it launched a new social network called Stimulus. Stimulus is a happy social network where giveaways replace advertising, creativity flourishes, and all users are verified to eliminate bot spam, fraud, and abuse.

Unlike other networks that are funded by wealth-seeking investors or political partisans, Stimulus is privately funded so it is free to focus on making the social media experience happier. “Twitter and Facebook are making the world a darker place. We want to live on a happy planet and that requires fixing social media to make the world better rather than worse.” said Stimulus Founder Anthony Constantino.

Sticker Mule Launches Stimulus, the Happy Social Network

“Stimulus aims to show the world what is possible when your mission is to increase human happiness. Twitter was designed to provoke mob rage. Stimulus is designed to invoke generosity and happiness.” The recent uproar caused by Elon Musk’s withdrawal from his $44B Twitter takeover deal reveals the way social media sites are pawns for the uber-wealthy, corporate entities, and political factions. What was initially designed to democratize thought sharing and media publishing has devolved into a practice in manipulation to further divisive rhetoric and agendas.

On Twitter alone, advertisers spend $4.5 billion per year to promote tweets with no financial benefit to users. That’s enough money to send $500 checks to 9 million people. Stimulus shows advertisers that direct interaction with users provides better returns than traditional ad spends. It puts the power and money in the hands of the people, not digital media giants.

On Stimulus, brands (or generous individuals), earn attention by attaching giveaways to their posts — Stimulus calls them stims. People can enter giveaways by replying, liking, or sharing, or as Stimulus says — restimming. Stimulus randomly selects winners from its lists of verified entrants and distributes prizes to ensure fairness.

        “It’s simple,” says Constantino. “Brands need attention to grow, people need money to live – Stimulus helps both. Lots of brands already run giveaways on existing networks, but there is no way to know if they’re legitimate. Stimulus fixes this massive problem.”

        Anyone can sign up on Stimulus and browse, but users must be verified before participating in conversations or engaging giveaway posts. Currently, Stimulus says verification is only available for U.S. residents as it is difficult to support international giveaway regulations.

        U.S. residents interested in happy social media can sign up on the stimulus website, get verified, and join the party today.

Contributor accounts that may run giveaways are still being tested.

Stimulus is accepting a limited number of early contributors who commit to give away a minimum of $25,000 over 6 months.


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