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Sabrina Claudio premium digital live platform Moment House Thursday, May 20th

Sabrina Claudio

Critically acclaimed Puerto Rican/Cuban songstress Sabrina Claudio has released the extended vinyl reissue of her breakthrough 2017 project, About Time, on all streaming services. Featuring a new interlude along with breathtaking versions of fan-favorite songs, “Belong To You” and “Stand Still,” the re-issue was recently announced when Sabrina’s first-ever limited-edition baby pink-vinyl sold out instantly, twice. Listen to the About Time (Extended Vinyl Reissue).

To celebrate this exciting release, Sabrina is teaming up with premium digital live platform Moment House for an eagerly awaited global streaming event on Thursday, May 20th. The exclusive livestream concert will see Sabrina performing the About Time extended vinyl reissue in its entirety. Tickets for “SABRINA CLAUDIO PRESENTS ABOUT TIME” are available now exclusively via Moment House.

“I’m doing the show in celebration of the album that’s changed my life,” says Sabrina. “It’s my way of thanking my supporters for receiving me in an extremely vulnerable way in hopes that this body of work has positively affected them even if in the smallest amount.” link here –


Sabrina Claudio


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