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Remote Work Will Benefit Parents News

Remote Work Will Benefit Parents

Kiner is author of the new book, Female Firebrands: Stories and Techniques to Ignite Change, Take Control, and Succeed in the Workplace (Greenleaf, January 7, 2020). Happy to send a book your way as well.

Below, please find a few points she is sharing below. Feel free to quote her in your stories. I’m also happy to schedule you a time for her to speak with you.

How the Rise in Remote Work Will Benefit Parents

Parents often need flexibility for drop off and pick up, doctor’s appointments and school activities.

Moms need it most since even in couples where both parents work, moms are responsible for the majority of domestic responsibilities and are considered the primary caregiver.

Even with the advent of technology that lets us work productively from home, many companies still see remote work as a benefit reserved for only a few workers, or as a something to take advantage of occasionally, say when you need to wait for the plumber or a furniture delivery.

Companies with little or no history of working from home (WFH) have been forced to accept it as the new norm, since they’re closing their doors to employees. Many others are doing working remotely by choice, to be on the safe side.

As I talk to Seattle area employees, many appreciate the flexibility and time saved by not commuting. It’s making them question why we spend so many days at work to begin with.

For parents in particular, morning drop off and evening pick -ups can feel rushed. It’s extremely hectic getting kids ready and out the door. The stress of the morning routine can often backfire, leaving kids and parents stressed and cranky.


Remote Work Will Benefit Parents

What companies can learn from remote work:

People can be productive and often more productive when working from home.

It especially relieves stress for working moms, creating a way to attract and retain women.

There’s no more 9-5. Working from home allows parents to spend more time supporting their kids. That does not mean they won’t work a full day. In fact, moms with two or more kids are some of the most productive people in the workforce. They don’t need to be micromanaged, and increased loyalty will motivate them to work hard for you.

Mom Guilt is a real phenomenon experienced by working moms. It’s caused by the pull between work and motherhood, that can leave moms feeling like they’re failing at both. Mom friendly workplaces that don’t force this untenable choice will be more successful. Offering remote work could be your first step.

MIKAELA KINER is an experienced HR / People Operations professional, founder/CEO, and executive coach. In 2015, Kiner founded Reverb, creating a healthy, inclusive culture in startups and growing companies in the Pacific Northwest.

Connect with Mikaela Kiner at



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