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Oprah’s Favorite: The Smokehouse All Natural Smoke Salmon

When we read that Oprah loves the Smokehouse New York salmon we knew we had to add some favorites to our list this season that taste good and are good for you this Holiday. Our foodie reporters say yes to various flavors of the Smokehouse salmon perfect for any occasion.  The good news you should know is that The Smokehouse of NY is an upscale smokehouse that serves only the freshest, all natural smoked fish and seafood.

While most smokehouses buy the fish already filleted, The Smokehouse splits, smokes and hand slices its fish. There is a retail shop tucked away behind the smokehouse, which sells a wide range of foods including: Hot and Cold Smoked Fish, Fresh Salmon, poached salmon, gefilte fish, smoked sable, smoked trout fillet, smoked fancy lake sturgeon, smoked scallops, Irish, Norwegian and Scottish Smoked Salmon, herring and cream or wine, lox nova salmon cream cheese bagels, Branzini, Seabass, Tilapia, Fresh and cooked shrimp and lobsters, shellfish, mussels, clams, oysters Caspian sea caviar, Presidential caviar, wild American osetra & domestic caviar, grain-fed poultry, game, charcuterie cuts, pate, foie gras A & B, homemade soups, salads and sauces, prepared foods, party event platters/trays. We ship FEDEX anywhere in the U.S Link into their world at


Smokehouse salmon




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