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New Centro Lift+Stand Desk Supports Healthier Lifestyles

New Centro Lift+Stand Desk Supports Healthier Lifestyles. According to a recent release of New Years resolution statistics, losing weight and making life improvements are the top two most popular resolutions, and account for 34 percent of resolutions made by individuals in the U.S. To better support consumers in their weight and healthy lifestyle related goals, furniture manufacturer BDI is now shipping a new sit+stand desk, designed to support healthier habits at work. The CENTRO Lift Desk, part of the CENTRO Office Collection, is now available at retail stores in the greater Los Angeles region.

BDIThe majority of Americans vow to start the New Year with the goal of losing weight or adopting healthier day-to- day habits. The workplace; however, can be one of the most challenging environments to adopt healthy habits, given that on average, the majority of workers sit nearly 6 hours a day, burning only 1 calorie per minute. More importantly, prolonged sitting has been known to lead to other health issues such as increased blood pressure, excess body fat and high cholesterol.
This is where a sit+stand desk, such as the Centro Lift, can make a difference. “There are many mental and physical benefits to standing desks – both in work and school environments,” said Bill Becker, BDI’s Design Director and CEO. “The Centro Lift desk combines beauty and functionality with its unique design that also serves a greater purpose. The new Centro design joins the Sequel Lift Desk in BDI’s line of ergonomic office products that support consumer demand for furniture that promotes a healthier lifestyle.”

Standing during the workday is known to boost productivity and energy levels, and also has the health benefits of lowering blood sugar levels, reducing back pain, and helping burn as many as 170 more calories a day. But standing too long has its own health challenges, which is why the ideal solution is a height-adjustable desk.

Designed by Matthew Weatherly, the Centro Lift Desk can be raised and lowered between 24.75” and 49.75”. With the touch of a button, the motorized desk adjusts to the user’s preferred height – seated, standing or anywhere in-between. The programmable digital keypad controls the powered leg system, and can set up to four user-programmable presets. Centro Lift is also available in two desktop sizes: Model 6451 measures 60”W x 24”D and Model 6452 measures 66”W x 30”D to support various workspace needs.

Other key features of the Centro Lift Desk include:

A grey micro-etched glass top, which offers a smooth, durable fingerprint-resistant work surface
The digital keypad can be installed on the left or right of the desk for user preference
An integrated cable management system and wire management ledge keeps cords organized and out of sight – Optional storage drawer, with model 6452 only, helps keep office essentials within easy access The BDI Centro Lift Desk is available through quality consumer electronics retailers and finer home furnishings stores nationwide and internationally. To locate a BDI dealer, visit

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