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New app is world’s first instant-connect search engine

It’s nighttime and your car has broken down on the side of the highway. You need a tow truck right away, so you open an app on your iPhone, search for the closest tow truck and send an instant message. The tow truck driver messages back that he’s on his way. This small example is just one of the many services covered in the newly launched app Who’s On Now. Who’s On Now, available for the iPhone, is a mobile search engine and social media tool that allows users to instantly connect with people and businesses closest to them.

“We’ve created the world’s first instant-connect search engine,” says Mehran Moeinifar, founder of Who’s On Now. “This is an app that, for the first time, instantly connects people to services and businesses allowing for real time messaging between the two. This opportunity creates a whole new level of customer interaction that has never been done before.”The services that this app covers are practically endless and is a vital connection to services you may need. Imagine you have just bought a new cottage and are unfamiliar with the area. A pipe springs a leak when you are opening it for the first time after a long winter and you need a plumber.

“You can use Who’s On Now to search for a plumber who is online that very second and is available to come fix your broken pipe,” says Moeinifar. “Simply send a message and connect with him instantly or you can send him a photo or live video, and the plumber can immediately find out what the problem is and come over and save your cottage from flooding.”

Who’s On Now is easy to get started and use. New Merchants simply create a profile of their business or service. They can add pictures, videos and their credentials, switch their availability to ON NOW and be ready to be found by customers in minutes. Customers looking for services can create a profile and, within seconds, start searching for anything nearby that they are interested in discovering and instantly connect and message with that business. The app is free to download and merchants can even send their customers invoices through the app. Customers can easily pay through the app with PayPal or a credit card, all within a couple short minutes. For more information, please visit

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