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New App SelfieYo Chat for iPhone and Android Features Hyper Local, Public Chats

 As the world prepares to return to a new normal in a post-covid era, social app SelfieYo Chat has announced HotSpots to its iPhone and Android app. HotSpots are location-based, public chat rooms where people can chat and share content with other people nearby. The idea is to help facilitate local connections and socialize at bars, restaurants and coffee shops as social distancing and covid regulations re-shape the way people meet and interact in real life.

SelfieYo is focused on helping people and small businesses re-think how to leverage social media for real-world interactions with people you know, people around you and local customers.

“One of the things that drives us is the concept of making meaningful connections online with your neighbors and people around you. We’re very excited to be at the intersection of hyper-local social media at a time when the entire world is desperate for genuine social interaction outside the often polarizing and political world of larger social media networks,” said founder and CEO Jamie Thompson.

SelfieYo is available in several languages, including Spanish, English, French, German and Korean. The company is actively involved in blockchain features inside of the app enabling content creators to be paid for providing great local content in the form of its SGT coin, an Ethereum-based token also called SelfieYo Gold.

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For more information on SelfieYo Chat HotSpots, visit:

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