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Mayweather Boxing + Fitness studios, Get Your Power Workout In Los Angeles

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness studios recently began franchising gyms across the country and internationally, and has awarded recently signed 100 franchises studios in its first year.

Check out the day to day schedule:

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is a revolutionary fitness experience that combines immersive training with industry-leading technology. Having spent 21 years at the top of the sport of boxing, and developing his proprietary – and previously unshared – workout programs and routines, with an industry-leading team to deliver the gold standard in boxing group fitness. Floyd Mayweather has partnered with an industry-leading team to deliver the gold standard in boxing group fitness.


Mayweather Boxing

Each Mayweather Boxing + Fitness studio offers class-based boxing and functional training workouts for all levels of fitness, along with advanced tech features, including individual Virtual Reality sessions, heart rate monitoring and daily workout videos. The VR experience features a virtual Floyd coaching individual users through routines that kept him at the top of his game throughout his boxing career, providing an incredibly fun and effective cardio workout. For more information, visit



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