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Lafonn Launches Simulated Diamond Jewelry Collection for Every Woman’s Lifestyle

Lafonn, creator of simulated diamonds of unparalleled beauty, is pleased to announce its exciting new lifestyle brand of simulated diamond jewelry. Lafonn‘s stylish jewelry designs had a soft market launch this past year and are now carried by 320 stores across the country.

The creators of Lafonn were inspired to craft their pieces for empowered women who aspire to bring their dreams to life. Lafonn creates designs for every age, ethnicity and style -simulated diamond jewelry designed for every woman. Created with modern talent and craftsmanship, fashion-forward Lafonn has this month been voted as a “hot brand” of 2012, among other top brands, in a recent national industry wide survey.

The simulated diamonds and gem stones are set in the finest sterling silver bonded with platinum. Lafonn utilizes an array of colorful simulated diamonds in clear, yellow, black, and cognac as well as lab-grown pink sapphires, blue sapphires, emeralds, rubies and tanzanite. Lafonn features both classic and fashionable designs ensuring versatility and stylish creations catering to every woman’s lifestyle.

Due to market demand for such innovation, Lafonn is already popular among Hollywood’s elite, often sought after for photo shoots and film sets. Its wear ability and worry-free travel aspects make it attractive to stylists and other creative professionals looking for the brilliance a diamond provides and the freedom to wear it day to day. Retaining the favorable cuts, color, clarity and even brilliance of natural diamonds, Lafonn crosses lines of age, profession and ethnicity making this a lifestyle  brand attainable by every woman.


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