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How to Survive Remote Work During These Trying Times

How to Survive Remote Work During These Trying Times

Nearly 42% of the US workforce are currently working remotely. Remote work has become such an integral part of life in 2020 that we can barely imagine a work day that didn’t revolve around email and Zoom. Author and entrepreneur Sharon Koifman’s debut book, SURVIVING REMOTE WORK, is slightly misleading because Koifman hasn’t only survived remote work, he has thrived in remote work. He is now sharing his strategies, tools, and tactics to help others survive and thrive as leaders and entrepreneurs in the remote age.

SURVIVING REMOTE WORK gives readers a blueprint for working, and succeeding, in a remote business world. Koifman explores the following topics:

·       How to keep your company culture alive remotely — or even build one from scratch;

·       A world-class recipe for onboarding new remote employees

·       How to manage and avoid distractions — for yourself and your team;

·       The best remote communications technology that no-one is using;

·       How to protect your business’ (and you client’s) data in a fully-distributed operation;

·       How to keep the extroverts in your team engaged and optimistic;

Sharon Koifman is passionate about remote management and has first-hand experience with everything described in SURVIVING REMOTE WORK. Koifman made all the possible mistakes (plus a few impossible ones!) — so you don’t have to!

Koifman was born in Israel and moved to Montreal at the age of 10. He lives there now with his wife and two daughters where, over the past twenty years, he’s built and run three fully-remote companies.

These days Sharon runs DistantJob, a unique recruitment agency geared specifically for finding full-time remote employees who work from all over the world. He’s been working tirelessly to promote remote work. The key difference in his approach is that he wants to show how remote work benefits businesses. Sharon believes companies who adopt remote work can be leaner, less expensive, more environmentally-friendly, and have access to better and more productive people, faster.


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