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Healthdom Launches App to Help People Prevent Death

Healthdom Launches App

Healthdom Launches App to Help People Prevent Death.  Healthdom aims to prevent many illnesses by the timely administration of individualized preventative notifications on the basis of genomic, behavioral and demographic data.

After more than a year in stealth mode, the company launched an app, which gathers data from various dimensions to prepare a personalized prevention plan, which acts like a guardian angel app that reminds people to do the right screening at the right time.

Example of how Healthdom works, visit:

If the user has BRCA1 or 2 genetic mutations, Healthdom will find out about it through its high-quality DNA test and will send notifications to perform frequent mammography tests. It will also initiate notifications for the screenings immediately, versus at the age of 40.


Healthdom Launches App

If a user’s family has a history of colorectal cancer, Healthdom will notify them to get a colonoscopy at the age of 40, rather than 50, and will recommend increasing the frequency of the tests to every five years from 10 years, so the user has the best chances to fight potential cancer.

If a user doesn’t exercise much (<150 mins a week, which is the recommended level), Healthdom will detect it from the user’s phone or Fitbit, and the user will be sent notifications to get blood pressure and glucose tests to catch any potential signals of the development of diabetes or hypertension to give the user time to react and counter potential disease.

The combination of data from genetic, behavioral and demographic spheres creates a more powerful insight than usual, non-individualized screenings.

Healthdom algorithms are based on large, curated medical research of lists of official recommendations from various institutions, as well as newly available, verified resources. Genetics provides an additional layer of sophistication. All this knowledge is then combined to provide personalized recommendations, taking advantage of various specific facts, such as:

Compliance with the top three preventive procedures (lung CAT scan, colonoscopy, a flu shot) to reduce mortality by 3.7%​

Increasing activity level from 150 minutes to 200 minutes a week reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 50%​

Nut-heavy diets reduce overall mortality risk by 24%

Those recommendations are served to the user in small, “digestible” tasks, which are relatively easy to complete. Healthdom leverages gamification for maximization of compliance with prevention guidelines and uses peer benchmarking to reinforce such habits.

What’s unique?

The Healthdom product is different than existing solutions in the market due to:

Preventive mindset – the app is built around a preventive approach, which means that Healthdom is the first to know about any potential symptoms before those symptoms even arrive. This allows direction and control of user pathways.

Integrated, multidimensional approach – Healthdom has the deepest, most holistic personalization engine, with more individualization criteria than any other consumer solution on the market, embedding behavioral, demographic and genetic data.

The highest quality of DNA testing – Healthdom uses the high-quality ACMG59 genetic test as the basis of genomic insights into prevention. This is more than three times broader and 11 times deeper than 23andMe, as Healthdom covers 59 genes, vs. 17 at 23andMe, and tests against approximately 11,000 mutations v. 1,000 at 23andMe. Color genomics tests also offer less medical insights and depth for the same price of the test.

Healthdom was created by an interdisciplinary, passionate team of scientists, doctors, computer science specialists and businessmen, who believe that we are losing too many lives to causes that are completely avoidable. The integration of the knowledge from those various sources makes Healthdom unique.

The Healthdom app is currently available for free for at least 6 months, and the DNA test costs $249, which is the lowest price in its category.

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