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Extraordinary EyeLashes Gives The Ladies Something New To decorate Their Eyes With

We love the PaperSelf eyelash collection. Our team recently found a wonderful site that sells beautiful, fun eyelashes that are just right for you this fall and or holiday season. PAPERSELF explores ways in which paper can be used in both the ordinary and extraordinary in the name of “eco-conscious living.” Their most recent endeavor would fall into the latter category, bringing delicate paper designs to the eyelids.

PAPERSELF has created a line of paper eyelashes showing the sexy, playful, and evocative sides of the material, “PAPERSELF looks to the future, seeking out new talent, transcending traditions, and promoting the perception of paper through new eyes.” Inspired by the Chinese art of paper-cutting, Taiwanese designer Ting yu Wang gives the ladies something new to decorate our eyes with. Available in 11 different designs, these reusable lashes will only run you $12.50.

The lashes feature some of the major landmarks of the London skyline, from Big Ben to the London Eye and the Gherkin building. Despite the not so sexy silhouettes of these landmarks, the lashes appear delicate and fragile looking, with the paper creating a gentle shape and sweet flutter. Link into them at


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